Staytus Shares Three New Singles

Hailing from Arizona, Staytus released three tracks from her upcoming debut album, Disease Of The Mind. As the press release notes, the first song, “Dreams From Hell,”  is a sonic, visceral piece describing the pain and anguish of experiencing abuse over and over again. The second track, an emotional plea for validation and love before time runs out, is called “Hourglass.” The third song, “Part of Me,” is a haunting, melancholy appraisal of unrequited love.

Staytus represents a new wave of punk and goth genres as she delivers a unique, and inspiring blend of sounds. Staytus is a poet at heart, and she comes up with original lines that carry her honesty, experiences and personal stories. Her new singles focus on heartbreak, despair, resentment, and reality slipping away.

Staytus goes on her industrial vibe, and brings her best vocal performance transmitting her energy and mood to the audience. Her fiery, percussive delivery of thoughtful lyrics comes across natural and honest. Displaying her versatile style and dynamic approach, Staytus fascinates her audience right away.

Speaking about her upcoming album Staytus explains: “I had to write Disease Of The Mind to cope with my mental health struggles. I truly felt like a broken, fallen angel when I composed this album. Acknowledging your feelings of hurt, anger, and despair can help you move through them to find hope and relief.”

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