44 Ardent – “nomoreheat”

44 Ardent is an Australian producer who makes chilled lo-fi house music which can be likened to a mix between Bonobo, Caribou, Tourist and Bonobo.

Over the last few months 44 Ardent has given us two invigorating new singles – pieces & 95overflow – while also making promise of more new music coming our way very soon.

This week 44 Ardent is making good on that promise with his next single ‘nomoreheat’, a glorious six-minute lo-fi house treat which is also just the first taste of a four-track debut ep titled “into the deep” that he has planned for release in August.

“I guess you could say climate change was the ‘theme’ when I was writing the music for this EP. ‘nomoreheat’ was intended to be a reflection on changing weather patterns but I must admit it ended up sounding a bit happier than I had originally intended.

I try not to have too much of a plan or formula when I make a song. I like to have a theme sometimes, but ultimately, I just play around with ideas until I find something that sounds good to my ears. Climate change and the surrounding extreme weather events make me feel a bit hopeless, but I just try to stay positive and do what I can to make a positive change. This song reflects on keeping a positive outlook when things are bleak.

This song has a fairly big switch up in the middle. The key changes and the piano becomes the driving force. I also threw some drum breaks in there; I really like the contrast between the house-inspired drums and then the reprieve of the breaks. I really love the LCD Soundsystem-esque moog sound that comes in for a little bit at 3:30. I think that’s my favourite part.” – 44 Ardent

Meaner – “Loneliness”

Hailing from Scotland, Meaner shared his latest piece of work titled “Loneliness.” The track showcases his songwriting talent, and abilities to deliver captivating singles.

Leveraging his gifted vocals, the artist channels emotions that show us personal perspective on the ever-present struggles of human connection. The press release explains that Meaner was inspired by his friend’s opinions on loneliness as well as his own experiences. With this song, Meaner reaches out to remind people of their inherent worth and that there’s always someone out there to listen.

Holding a touch of nostalgic vibes, Meaner’s new song proves the versatility and clear vision of the artist, and an organic sound influenced by new-wave rap, and contemporary spoken word. His flow is sharp, and on point, perfectly synchronized with the beat and incorporated hooks.

A prolific rapper, Meaner is on an ambitious quest to conquer the rao game, so make sure to check out “Loneliness”: