Daisy Harris – “Baby You’re Bad Luck”

Creating her own unique flavour of genre-fluid music Daisy Harris takes inspiration from the likes of Mazzy Star and The Lemonheads to cement her brand of indie-pop guitar music. Her impressive musicianship shines through with her multi-instrumental ability and wonderfully translates into transcendental and heartfelt music.

Harris (vocals/ guitar/ banjo/ ukulele) has already worked the showcase circuit across Glasgow and with total self-sufficiency when it comes to recording and mixing, she is set to become a prominent figure in the Manchester music scene.

Following on from her previous release, the lovelorn ‘A24’, ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’ takes a dive into the trials and tribulations of navigating a relationship leading up to the horrible realisation that the other person is using you.

Harris tunes into her frustrations and delivers a rock-infused track hellbent on creating an outlet for listeners experiencing the same type of hurt. Penning a narrative of ‘waking up and smelling the coffee’, Harris’ honesty makes for a sincere take on heartache.

Featuring similar synth lines to ‘A24’, ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’ expands upon Harris’ expansive back catalogue of deep, rolling cuts filled with drilling instrumentation.

With full throttle up to the four-minute mark, the insistent bass lines and pleading vocalisations ring reminiscent of the girl-power pop made a staple by Beabadoobee. Harris has firmly moved away from her folk-rock sound to produce a mature, solid sonic offering. Versatility and experimentation are her strong suit, as she dabbles in veining different genres through her work, whilst remaining true to herself with her exceptional narrative painting abilities.

Toni Jones – Me Vs Every Me (Affirmations of Self Love)”

Singer and songwriter Toni Jones released her new album titled “Me Vs Every Me (Affirmations of Self Love).” The album features 21 tracks filled with encouraging, motivational, and uplifting messages emphasizing the fact that no matter what happens in our lives, there is always room for re-birth and new beginnings.

“Me Vs Every Me (Affirmations of Self Love)” is the third album from Toni Jones, and once again she reminds us of the importance of love and acceptance towards oneself, bringing hope to find the courage to transform our realities and explore new horizons.

As Jones explains, My music is healing music, I coined it as Affirmation music, Affirmations set to modern music. Which is different from the traditional of saying Affirmations and mantras to relaxing meditation music. This allows the listeners to ride, vibe or just dance to the music while still reciting healing words of affirmation and practicing positive self talk.

Sonically, Toni Jones delivered an album that blends soul, and pop. Her soulful, sometimes cinematic music displays her sophisticated fast-paced lyrical pop/spoken vocals in which all the spectrum of emotions is ignited.

About Toni Jones (press release)

Toni Jones is a musician and life coach, who discovered her musical career whilst helping clients to practise healing on the go. Finding music to be a very powerful tool in the journey towards self-love and healing, Toni Jones started making music full-time to support herself and clients. With three independently released albums, Toni Jones is a pioneer of Affirmation music, instilling the power of daily affirmations into song form, and blending this ancient practise with modern music styles and rhythms..