RIP Kenny – “i’m ok alone”

RIP Kenny shared a brand new single “i’m ok alone,” taken from his debut album Escapism. RIP Kenny’s next up is a stylish amalgamation of his most prominent musical influences. 

As the press release notes, inspired by the unmoving mountainscapes of Bend, Oregon, the motocross mountain man turned electronic-rock musician is the soundtrack to your adventure.

“i’m ok alone” is an electronic-rock gem with static synths, longing alternative vocals, and euphoric crescendos. RIP Kenny skilfully crafts his latest production, and boldly blends music genres and influences. “i’m ok alone” is a unique sonic fusion that features both rock, trap, edm, and pop.

RIP Kenny hypnotizes the listener thanks to featuring captivating vocals, a powerful tool that he masters to perfection. His timeless and relatable songwriting paired with the epic soundscapes he composed for “i’m ok alone” set a solid foundation for him to exponentially increase his following base this year.

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Perla Nalu – “Speak Up”

Singer, and songwriter Perla Nalu shared a brand new empowering single and music video named “Speak Up.” The pop-indie tune showcases Perla Nalu’s talent in crafting one-of-a-kind sonic experiences filled with her honest emotions, and delivered in a polished way.

Perla Nalu deliveres sounds inspired by London Grammar, Birdy, Billie Eilish, Halsey, and such, yet she creates a unique universe of sounds and moods. “Speak Up” is a song of compassion for oneself in the wake of abuse. Nalu co-wrote this song following the frustration of feeling silenced after a controlling relationship. 

As the press release notes, “Speak Up” reclaims the space for women to express their feelings towards this distressing subject giving survivors a place to stand anywhere but down. The powerful voice you hear is not Nalu’s but of another artist who shall remain unnamed. This song shows the strength of Nalu’s songwriting and the power of creative collaboration.

The music video channels the spirit of the single, and as it tells a story of an abusive relationship, it also sees Nalu fighting for her happiness and encouraging others to speak up and live their best, free lives.

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