Danica Hunter – When Will The Love Begin



This is my debut EP, ‘LiES & BUTTERFLiES’- it’s all about transformation – the journey from pain to reward – from teenager to young adult – from aspiring artist to the real hard world of music. We are told lots of untruths in so many ways – and then we discover that we’re very much alone in the world – our discovery is unique – this is a challenging part of our lives.

Butterflies represent transformation/change for me. I feel that I’ve started that journey. I love this sound that I’ve been working on, of soft hip hop, soul and pop with a little jazzy edge – trumpets, drums, organs, strings, violins – part pop but with an underlying retro feel – but more than anything I try to put myself into the vocals in a way that is true to me. As for the lyrics – they come straight from the heart and when I sing them I can get across that emotion because the passion behind the words is already there.

I’ve always enjoyed the mix and experimentation of modern music with a retro sound so there’s a little Hollywood feel in some of the tracks which also inspired my photoshoot for this album. Combining the best of old and new.