Vocals written and performed by Antranita

In the Nineties & Noughties the Brothers Grinn released various tracks under the names Dub-c and Uluvit on various labels, one example being Subfunk Records. They held a few residences most notably GARAGE NATION for Kent venues. As the garage scene dispersed they found themselves drawn to the Electro house scene, House wasn’t a word they were normally comfortable with but similarities between Electro’s bouncy bass-line rhythms and the old garage bounce were drawing them in. Holding Events in Kent such as Elecatech , they didn’t have much time for production….but , as the scene became more minimal and reminded them of the old repetitive house tracks of days gone by they turned their hand to producing again but this time they were trying to incorporate all that they loved about Rave, Jungle, Hardcore, Garage, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass and…Electro. The result is nice !! They have just recently started their own record label ‘Luvdub Records’ to release their material and are looking for local artists of a similar sound to release and unleash