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SYLK – ALL IN UR HEAD (Feat. Daragh Locke)

SYLK are a female electronic duo based in Ireland. Their sound is noir-pop with an edge, melodic while industrial, laced with distortion and a heavy bass that compliments their underground aesthetic. It is the blend of these elements that create SYLK’s signature darkwave sound, which compliments their energetic live show where they incorporate intensive visuals. They began their musical journey with the release of ‘Am I Alone’, followed by their acclaimed EP ‘nwyr’, which led to standout appearances at Forbidden Fruit Festival, Body & Soul, Hard Working Class Heroes, Electric Picnic as well as headlining the legendary Button Factory– to name a few. Ireland’s foremost music blogger, Nialler9, described them as an exciting “cross between Massive Attack and FKA Twigs”, and the premiere music magazine Hot Press classing the duo as ‘having already established a reputation for themselves as being a darkly mysterious, neon-soaked duo. SYLK are doing everything musical to establish themselves as an emerging Irish act.’

“Something tells us SYLK have an insatiable desire to infiltrate our airwaves and crawl under your skin. Y’know, we might just let them.” –GOLDEN PLEC

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Produced by Benefit. All sounds were created using vintage instruments played by Benefit and recorded to analog tape.

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About the song:
Story track about a neglected kid who listens to weak corporate music on the radio because he doesn’t know any better, and then his friend puts him on to underground music and explains why he loves his favorite underground artist. It’s a story track about how the truth, through underground music, spreads by word of mouth.

I make the dirty beat on Tape With the warble and the flutter
and spit it for the poor kid starving in the gutter
who never had love from his father nor his mother
so he’s probably going to grow up robbing from his brother
never taught to respect the truth
now he’s home by himself just a neglected youth
and he’s turning on the radio to bump it alone
and listen to the music these companies pump in his home
now he’s sunk in the zone, absorbing every single word
that sunk in his dome, his dad’s drunk and he’s gone
so how is he supposed to know what’s right from wrong
and know that these guys lie when they’re writing their song
and know that the rich use it dividing the strong?
he won’t know it, he’s just bobbing his head riding along
just then, he hears a knock on his door
his friend’s coming to pick him up to stop at the store
now this bigger fellow’s going to pick up some cigarillos
pressing the gas with his velcro shell toes
in the car he notices a track playing and he starts paying
attention to what the rap’s saying
“Hey yo man this is ill, who is this?”
“it’s Benefit” “Benefit? Who’s Benefit?”
“Benefit’s the dopest in the history of music on earth
kicking rappers out the game for abusing the turf
and you should listen again if it’s confusing at first
you’re not used to the fusion of flow with the views interspersed
so many dead emcees after he’s using his verse
he should get a side hustle and just cruise in a hearse
music’s a drug, he’s got them abusing it worse
than the fiend at the shop pawning her shoes and her purse
his style’s explosive like a missile dropped bomb
want the truth? go to benefitofficial.com”