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Ainslie – Grow

Vicky Warwick is a British artist, operating under the moniker of Ainslie.

Ainslie comes from a world of being a called upon side-woman in the music industry; as a session musician she was hired for many musical artists and occasions, whether it be playing a sweaty sold-out show in Florida with Charli XCX or appearing on award shows with Cee Lo Green.

Her first job in the music industry was as the in-house bassist with the renowned pop-production house, Xenomania (Cher, Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys, Girls Aloud, Sugababes). It was such a privileged insight into how pop music was made, Ainslie soaked up each experience there. Whilst she was always writing music, she didn’t really take her own voice seriously until a few years later on.

Her need to make music started as a form of anxiety – the good kind – when she would spend months away from home on the road. So starved for personal time, she itched to be spending whatever time she had writing music; whether it meant finding a quiet corner of the tour bus, or an unoccupied room at a venue. For a long time, she didn’t know what exactly for, until she was penning ideas she knew she didn’t want to give to anyone else.

She had been writing songs in her home of London, and many other places over the world, but the project wasn’t fully realised until she moved to New York City in 2017. Something changed when she arrived; the colours were brighter, the people wilder, the ideas more far-fetched. Inspiration struck. Whilst taking some time off from long-term touring, she settled into the city and to the idea of putting out the songs she’d been singing to herself for a while. As she was getting out there, trying to meet and collaborate with the many creatives of the city to further her session playing career, it made her see that she should nurture the thing that was hers, and hers only. The thing that she could take with her wherever in the world she was. She realised it’s importance, and how in a whirlwind lifestyle of a touring musician, it was something that could be a constant. Her view of being a musician and not an artist had to shift, because it was time to break out of the mould she had made for herself.

Ainslie’s music draws from personal experiences but she also likes to imagine the world from other’s perspectives and explores themes of fantasies, inner thought and also comments on suburbia and aspects of our everyday lives. She claims to have felt a strange phenomenon since the birth of this project, a kind of synesthesia that when envisioning her music and the project, conjures images of pastel pinks, blues and turquoises, the sea and water, plants and soft textures of fluffy candy floss or velvet.

Her single Grow observes idyllic suburbia, and the human need to climb up the ladder of society. “I found myself walking in this beautiful neighbourhood being curious about the stories behind each person or family inside each house. Wondering if they are as happy as I imagined they were. What seemed like a perfect world, might be not what it cracked up to be, and I considered if it was what I would want for myself anyway. Society has taught us something we should strive for, so part of me was longing to live that life behind one of the perfect front doors, but part of me also felt a disconnect; it was far from what I truly want in life.”

Vicky Warwick is a British artist, operating under the moniker of Ainslie.



Saturated in complex harmonies and intelligent chord progressions alike, the music of King Washington is a throwback to when rock n’ roll was a songwriter’s game. The Los Angeles-based band, heavily endowed with musicality, is promptly seizing opportunities and capturing the attention of music lovers all over the world.

The band, comprised of rhythm guitarist and vocalist Tyson Kelly, lead guitarist and vocalist George Krikes, bassist and vocalist Billy Lee are all seasoned musicians and vocalists. KW prides themselves not only in their ability to rock the shingles off the roof, but to make it beautiful in the process.

King Washington will begin your reclamation of faith in today’s music. They will make you believe in the integrity and virtue of the pop musician again. They will slap your face, tickle your nose, and leave you with a peppermint mocha and a fleece blanket in front of the fireplace by nights end. They are different yet strangely familiar.

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Heiðrik (Hi´drik) is the new sound of a new musical generation hailing from the Faroe Islands. Mixing dark electronic baselines with melodic haunting choirs and strings and last and not least a powerful yet fragile vocal, Heiðrik leaves all in phrase.

Heiðrik was born and raised in the capitol Tórshavn of Faroe Island. A population of only about 50.000 the Faroe Islands are one of the North Atlantics smallest and best kept secrets. The Faroe Islands are situated northwest of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway.
The harsh and yet beautiful nature of the Faroe Islands reflects the passionate and dramatic depths in Heiðrik´s music and voice.

Although Heiðrik´s native language is Faroese Heiðrik both writes Faroese and English lyrics, although always taking great inspiration from Faroese traditional music and mixing it with new, refreshing sounds. And it´s all made with equal passion.
He co-produces and arranges all his songs in a style that spans from the uncompromising force of folk music, orchestral pop and electro. In short, Heiðrik isn’t afraid of mixing his impulses.

“When I think about the Faroe Islands there is a lot of mystery and literally a mist surrounding everything. And when I think about it, that is what I try to reflect in my music.” says Heiðrik.

Heiðrik´s lyrics could almost remind you of little fables. The content of his filmic and mystical lyrics draws heavily from Heiðrik´s daydreams and frustration in his isolated country.
His eccentric and surreal imagination depicts stories about for
instance the virgin Mary´s donkey. The song Maria´s donkey is an oath to the donkey that carried Maria all the way to Betlehem, and Heiðrik feels that history has neglected the donkey´s great deed by carrying a whole religion on it´s back.

Heiðrik is currently working on new material and soon we’re probably going to get a sneak preview, but until then stay tooned!

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Made up of three members in three different cities, Canopy Climbers writes and records via the internet, a modern band stitched together by technology. Cory Nelson, Alan Thomas, and Nathan Miller originally from Little Rock, Arkansas make up the group producing music stylistically between Mute Math’s energetic rock in roll and Sleeping At Last’s lush pop.

The band’s debut album, Distances, was an exercise in restraint, ambient tones compliment the electronic underpinnings which swell throughout the album. On their sophomore release, Miles, little is held back as sonically addicting melodies burst from every corner of the album. Lead singles “Stuck” and “Always” lead the charge, displaying the band’s firm footing in both an indie-rock world and one of mainstream pop radio. With Miles, Canopy Climbers skipped the sophomore slump and raised the bar they had already set high for themselves.

The trio again expanded the listener’s mind with their third effort, Blindfolded, and challenged any preconceived notions fans might have been settling in on. The four songs rely heavily on pulsating rhythms and darker electronic tones. “Chance” is a Canopy Climber’s anthem set to match the EP’s other tracks in mood, but the biggest surprise comes with the hip/hop appearance on the bridge of “Secret.” Features on IMPOSE Magazine, Relevant Magazine, and NoiseTrade.com have introduced the trio to a wider audience as their presence on Hype Machine continues to grow thanks to glowing mentions on Indie Shuffle and PopDose.

The Canopy Climbers aren’t done, however. Pop melodies tinged with nostalgic memories will define Canopy Climber’s upcoming EP Fever which is set for release in early 2015. Instant, summer defining, classics echo throughout the upcoming release and bring existing fans on yet another new ride. The first single, ”Slip”, hints at what to expect musically with its trebly bass and floating ‘80s-esque synth. The second single, “Fever”, is drenched in pop synths and beats, and laced with love song lyrics. The band’s ability to bring depth to any genre still remains intact.

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Paul Kostick is a singer-songwriter based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

After performing everything from punk rock to sacred music,
Paul found his niche in acoustic pop. Pairing straightforward lyrics with guitar-driven tracks,
he aims to create music that serves as an honest soundtrack for real life, ventures into dark places,
but ultimately rediscovers hope.

Since his debut in public performance at the age of fourteen,
Paul’s ease in front of an audience is evident. The solo artist gained initial recognition
after the release of his first EP, Corners, in August of 2012.

His single “Reason to Love” is inspired by the belief that real,
true love exists and is worth pursuing. It poses the question,
“Why do we love?” or more exactly, “Why don’t we love?
What would happen if we all ‘gave love’?”

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Copper The Bet is a 4 piece indie pop band hailing from Los Angeles, California.
Formed in 2013 and inspired by the burgeoning global electro pop music scene,
CTB blends meaningful lyrics with driving beats and 80’s synths to create a sound
that is sure to appeal to fans of Duran Duran, Fitz and The Tantrums, Passion Pit,
and Foster The People.
CTB will release their debut EP Champagne in early 2015, which follows the
release of the first single of the same name in December 2014. Band members
Brian Summers, Scott Price, Steve Irribarra, and Daniel Montenegro each bring
their own unique musicality to the project, resulting in an infectious collection of
songs that are sure to land on the top of the charts.
Listen. Dance. Repeat.

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Jake Morrell – A five piece Country/Folk/Rock band headed by songwriter Jake Morrell based in London. Currently touring around the UK & Ireland.
The new single Wire & Thorns is available to pre order now from Itunes –itunes.apple.com/gb/album/wire-th…ngle/id979595823