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Ainslie – Grow

Vicky Warwick is a British artist, operating under the moniker of Ainslie.

Ainslie comes from a world of being a called upon side-woman in the music industry; as a session musician she was hired for many musical artists and occasions, whether it be playing a sweaty sold-out show in Florida with Charli XCX or appearing on award shows with Cee Lo Green.

Her first job in the music industry was as the in-house bassist with the renowned pop-production house, Xenomania (Cher, Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys, Girls Aloud, Sugababes). It was such a privileged insight into how pop music was made, Ainslie soaked up each experience there. Whilst she was always writing music, she didn’t really take her own voice seriously until a few years later on.

Her need to make music started as a form of anxiety – the good kind – when she would spend months away from home on the road. So starved for personal time, she itched to be spending whatever time she had writing music; whether it meant finding a quiet corner of the tour bus, or an unoccupied room at a venue. For a long time, she didn’t know what exactly for, until she was penning ideas she knew she didn’t want to give to anyone else.

She had been writing songs in her home of London, and many other places over the world, but the project wasn’t fully realised until she moved to New York City in 2017. Something changed when she arrived; the colours were brighter, the people wilder, the ideas more far-fetched. Inspiration struck. Whilst taking some time off from long-term touring, she settled into the city and to the idea of putting out the songs she’d been singing to herself for a while. As she was getting out there, trying to meet and collaborate with the many creatives of the city to further her session playing career, it made her see that she should nurture the thing that was hers, and hers only. The thing that she could take with her wherever in the world she was. She realised it’s importance, and how in a whirlwind lifestyle of a touring musician, it was something that could be a constant. Her view of being a musician and not an artist had to shift, because it was time to break out of the mould she had made for herself.

Ainslie’s music draws from personal experiences but she also likes to imagine the world from other’s perspectives and explores themes of fantasies, inner thought and also comments on suburbia and aspects of our everyday lives. She claims to have felt a strange phenomenon since the birth of this project, a kind of synesthesia that when envisioning her music and the project, conjures images of pastel pinks, blues and turquoises, the sea and water, plants and soft textures of fluffy candy floss or velvet.

Her single Grow observes idyllic suburbia, and the human need to climb up the ladder of society. “I found myself walking in this beautiful neighbourhood being curious about the stories behind each person or family inside each house. Wondering if they are as happy as I imagined they were. What seemed like a perfect world, might be not what it cracked up to be, and I considered if it was what I would want for myself anyway. Society has taught us something we should strive for, so part of me was longing to live that life behind one of the perfect front doors, but part of me also felt a disconnect; it was far from what I truly want in life.”

Vicky Warwick is a British artist, operating under the moniker of Ainslie.

Half Loves – Wrong Songs



Hailed as “the best currently active rock band in Iowa” by the Iowa Informer, indie rock outfit Halfloves offers a variety of

songs on their self-titled debut album made with renowned producer Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons, The Envy Corps). Halfloves mixes pop sensibilities with heady textures and space to create an emotionally charged sound.

(Source: SoundCloud / Halfloves)

Missy Mcanulty – Power Of The Mind



Though she be but little she is fierce’- William Shakespeare

Though she be but little there is no mistaking Missys herculean sound. Missy, an MTV accredited artist, has belted her soulful sounds in music venues around the globe from Broadway N.Y.C to The 02 Academy Islington.

Missy is a professionally trained vocalist with a huge vocal range. She has been influenced by contrasting female artists such as Lauryn Hill, Gwen Stephani and Debbie Harry. Her vocals contain elements of soul and r n b, yet punk influences have evolved Missy’s vocals into a unique, powerful and edgy sound.

Missy’s on-stage presence has been described as ‘Fierce.’ Being only 4ft 11 inches tall, her matriarch nature takes everyone by surprise.

“Incredible female vocalist. When you look at her on stage, she quite short, she’s quite petite. Then all of a sudden she starts singing and it’s like wow. Wow.”- Matt Graveling, Best of British Radio.

An Edinburgh Native, Missy began her love for music and theatre at a young age. Growing up in the heart of “The Edinburgh Fringe Festival”, surrounded with artistic inspiration, her dream was to pursue a career in the Arts. At the age of 18 Missy landed a competitive place at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York City. Living in New York, during her time at AADA, she studied method acting and vocal training.

Immersed in the artistic process, studying and writing original material, she took time out to seek opportunities to practice her soul infused vocals outside of The Academy, and has gigged at top Manhattan music venues such as the Iguana Jazz Club Broadway NYC. Throughout her years in New York she performed both original and cover tracks to showcase her skills and experiment with different genres.

After graduating, Missy chose to further her career where her heart lies; in London. A close friend led her to London musician Anthony Mensah, founder of State of Play, in order to write and perform material in London.

The eclectic London based group have took to the stage in venues such as Camden Barfly, Hootenannys Brixton, The Garage downstairs, 02 Academy Islington, The 100 Club and Jazz Café Camden.

Missy’s passion for music and people has given her the hunger and drive to work and learn from as many musicians through her musical journey. With her own youtube channel now up and running ,she will showcase her vocals through regular uploads, of her own original material and artist collaboration, bringing you more and new and exciting creations in the pipeline.

Now solo, she has written her first ever solo track named ‘Soar’, which launched on August 27th 2016.

‘Soar’, is a drum and bass power anthem which serves the purpose of empowering all of us who have an ambition and goal! It acts as a motivational track, reminding us to think up when our dreams seem far away!

The music video for ‘Soar’, was written by Missy and co produced alongside three film companies Beyond illusion Pictures, Sublime Universal and Digital Mass. The video launched on the 11th of September 2016, conveying the day in a life of an artist in London and the sacrifices they have to make in a career and personal level.

Plexxaglass – Lament en Route



PLEXXAGLASS is a crisp salad of sounds ranging from alternative pop to indie folk to electronic. Started by singer-songwriter Alexa Joan Rae in 2012, the key to finding the unique sound for PLEXXAGLASS was working with Kevin Billingslea of The Halo Studio in Portland, Maine.

The release of her single ‘Lament en Route’ (prod. by Kevin Billingslea) propelled the project’s momentum towards successfully achieving goals for music festival, national tour, and film/television sync placement.

Throughout 2016, PLEXXAGLASS has performed in nationally known venues such as The Knitting Factory (Brooklyn), The Mint, Be Here Now, Cake Shop, and The Troubadour.