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Lyrah – Down Low

Lyrah is a singer, songwriter and producer in San Francisco. A dark and haunting vibe drenches all of her indie pop songs and can draw the comparison of Daughter meets Halsey. She has been writing for other producers for the last few years and her recent Chemicals EP is the start of her solo path.

Following the release of her debut EP ‘Chemicals‘ earlier this year, she has earned support from a number of industry tastemakers, including the likes of EARMILK and Indie Shuffle. Also featured in popular playlists including Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Tidal’s Pop Somber. Lyrah was also handpicked by Swedish producer Axwell to feature in his personal Weekend Weapons playlist.

(via https://soundcloud.com/autumnskymusic/sets/autumn-sky-official?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=tumblr)

Autumn Sky is a 12 year veteran of the music scene in Northern California and a noted front woman of the indie/alternative band Autumn Sky. It is widely noted “I thought she’d be taller!” and “is that her real name?” She also publicly requests that, if you so choose to tell her to eat a sandwich due to her petite stature, you at least have one prepared to give her. Sandwiches are no joking matter.

At just 23 years old, she was the only female songwriter to ever be honored with the Hall of Fame award in the 2014 Sacramento Music Awards (having received six awards; including three Artist of the Year awards back to back in the three years prior.) She was also the youngest inductee ever. It was as confusing to her as it was to you and all rather sudden; the investigation is still pending. If it really was out of you guys being loving, however, that was incredibly kind of you and she thanks you.

Miss Sky wrote her first song at four years old and has not been able to stop since; describing it as more of an uncontrollable tic than a good habit, writing two to three songs a week (with or without her express permission, it’s not unlike having a haunted hand!)

She credits her love of books, poetry and advocates for peace and equality from the past, such as Maya Angelou, for influencing her songwriting style and her outlook on life.
Miss Sky is an women’s rights, LGBT, sexual abuse survivors, depression, and anti-bullying activist. She believes there is a better time for you in the future, no matter your background or circumstances, and would love to help you get there. In fact, it’s actually her running this page, not a robot like you assumed, and if you feel weird or sad today, she would love to talk to you. You can always message her here. 🙂

Autumn is currently working on her life’s project, in dedication to her father who was recently diagnosed with Huntington’s Chorea, a concept album about the female psyche, sexuality and human experience. Much inspiration has been drawn from her love of the 1990’s Riot Grrl movement.

When she isn’t writing, she usually *is* still writing (in the dark someplace else without the band where they can’t judge her.) When she isn’t doing that, however, she likes to burn incense by herself and pretend she has magical powers, and attempts to murder herself by learning to skateboard like her mom did.