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The Limited – Time

The Limited are Aled Williams, Josh Iszard, Jack Howell, Matt Featherstone & Jack Byrne. With 3/5 of the band from Cardiff, South Wales & 2/5 of the band coming from Devon, they came together and formed in London, aiming to make waves across the world whilst representing various parts of the UK.

This self-produced new age electro funk pop five piece have been cementing their sound all around the UK for the past few years.
Inspired by artists like Stereophonics, Prince & Fleetwood Mac, they find a unique style which separates them as ‘not just another pop band.

In the previous 3 years they’ve supported bands such as Pierce Brothers, Alt-J, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds & The Sugar Hill Gang in venues such as The Scala, The 229, the o2 Academy Islington & Cardiff Swalec Stadium. They’ve also done various Headline shows at venues across the country. They have created a strong and consistent online presence with over 100,000 views on there YouTube channel and a growing Facebook page.

The Limited aim to create a bigger fan base on all of their social media platforms and hopefully tour the country by the end of 2019 and also aiming to be played on national radio and gain attention from mainstream media.

The Limited are currently working on their 4th EP ‘TIME’ at their own studio and aim to have it out by the end of the year. Their discography consists of “Pseudoscience” (2015) “Small Talk” (2017) “Money” (June 2018) which is on all media platforms.

“The name may sound like any other popular boy band, but in their latest EP Pseudoscience, The Limited prove to the musical world that the pop genre label does not have to limit musicality.” (James Martin – wordpress.com)

“The Limited are a band with incredible musicality for their early stages as a pop band. My only hopes for this band are that their would be further strides towards consolidating their unique vibe, and that they would continue to not conform to the pretenses of the popular music stereotype.” (wordpress.com)

Will be performing their new EP ‘TIME’ live at The Courtyard Theatre, Old Street.

Leah Kate – WTF?

Leah Kate is a New York City based artist whose music is a true embodiment of her IDGAF attitude. The left of center pop artist fuses her passion for creating relentlessly honest and relatable music with feel-good dance-worthy anthems.

Leah Kate has been on a lifelong journey of confidence and self-identity. Having grown up in Los Angeles with a family in media and submerged in the entertainment industry, she found herself under enormous pressure. The songstress decided to escape, moving to New York City, where she discovered her creative fulfillment, flourishing into who she is today.

The positive and determined young artist delivers listeners with her breathtakingly candid new releases. With each song rooted from some form of personal experience, Leah Kate tells a true story of a girl trying to figure it out alone like the rest of us. The six cutting-edge tracks, emit dark lyrics, swirling unexpected soundscapes and electronic pop elements, highlighting the ingenious songwriters use of innovative and charismatic songwriting.

Her leading single “WTF?” narrates the familiar story of being ghosted by a crush you were texting. These insecure and confused emotions are portrayed through the use of glossy electronic synths and vocal harmonies. Drenched in playful tones with an infectious chorus “WTF?” is a knockout pop hit. Leah Kate confides “I want to remind girls and anyone not to let someone make you think that YOU did something. Sometimes you have to make light of situations and know that it is not meant to be. Sometimes, you just have to laugh at situations and realize it’s just your ego talking, you probably don’t really give a fuck, be strong.”

Her 2nd upcoming single, “She Left Him With A Broken Heart” is a self-explanatory song, taking a very pessimistic view on love. Featuring brooding melodies and melancholy instrumentation the single evokes stunningly dark atmospheric pop. The next single, “So Good” represents Leah Kate’s go-getter personality – she knows what she wants and she won’t give up till she gets it. Sonically the single is an upbeat track with staccato beats and assured vocals.  

Leah Kate has found success performing at both London and New York fashion weeks, as well as having worked alongside renown industry professionals. Having garnered hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone, Leah Kate is ready to deliver audiences with her new and most authentic vision to date.

dwilly – ugh

South Carolina native David Wilson, commonly known as dwilly, first broke into the electronic music scene while attending Berklee College of Music in 2016. Currently based in LA, dwilly is a producer, songwriter, and vocalist that blends elements of hip-hop and EDM. With releases on Monstercat Records and Majestic Casual Records, dwilly has songs that have peaked at #24 on iTunes Pop Charts, #10 on US Viral 50 Spotify chart, and #48 on the Global Viral 50 Spotify Chart. dwilly has amassed over 10 million streams in 2018 and has been featured in New Music Friday US. Having “cooked up quite the sonic formula” (Hillydilly), dwilly has built notoriety as a producer having two top 5 Splice sound libraries becoming well known for his unique approach to sound design.

dwillly is an all-in-one artist, producer, singer, and songwriter that is extremely versatile among pop, EDM, and urban. He has been in NMF US, and is signed to APA. He has sync placements with Smirnoff, Bank of America, and MTV. Produced official remixes for “So Close” by NOTD Ft. Felix Jaehn & Captain Cuts, “Move On” by Mike Posner and GREY’s “Want You Back“. Will be opening up at Zedd On The Rocks on June 19th, 2019 alongside Hippie Sabotage and Snakehips.

“CRAYOLA the EP is a retirement from the early stages of my artistry and into my deeper darker personal struggles. As I approach the age of 24, I realize my music has matured into something much more emotional and honest. That being said, the songs are flooded with immaturity, youthfulness, and a punch to the gut. I now see things differently as an adult, having to deal with the everyday bullshit that was once foreign to me as a kid. The lyrical content itself shies from popular topics like the culture surrounding drugs and violence and truthfully embraces things like failure and anxiety. My favorite part about the EP is how unsystematic the tracklist is, reflecting my impulsive imagination. Each song offers a different vibe. I want both kids and adults to fuck with this. I’m not targeting any audiences, just simply painting my mind onto a canvas for anyone to enjoy.”

Petrie – texting you

“Quirky pop duo Petrie build on their propensity for lovelorn millennial lyrics on ‘Texting You’.” – The Line Of Best Fit

Throughout 2018, Petrie launched a string of tracks which captured their uniquely multi-textural pop flavour, all of which now can found through the open doors of the duo’s Superstore .

Complex summarises Petrie’s style as “a combination of tender songwriting, upbeat rhythms and bursts of colourful melody,” while PopDust said that after listening “you’re so immersed and hooked for life,” and Hidden Herd couldn’t resist “irresistible grooves, sun-inflected sonics and unshiftable earworms.” All of this and much more you’ll find in plentiful stock over at Superstore , and look out for the sweet deal that is newest single ‘Texting You’.

Speaking about this bittersweet pop tune, Petrie say: “Texting You is one of the oldest songs on the record, born in the summer of ’17 as an impressionistic poem-turned-jazz-ballad. We’ve lost that poem now but it started something like: “Last May we met and fell in love/you told me everything at once/I felt free, like summer/like the birds tattooed across your back”. How that became a big sad banger with 808s and lyrics about George’s Ford Fiesta is a mystery lost in the sands of time. However, that stanza can act as a prelude not only to the song it became but also to Superstore as a whole.” And expanding their thoughts on the Superstore collection, the band share: “Over the course of the album that idyllic love affair slowly crumbles into madness and then into warm, fuzzy nostalgia. We’re proud to say that this narrative inspired an eclectic set of songs,
ranging from quiet defeat (Was That a Kiss?) to rhapsodic and heavy diatribes (Punch, which features our deeply inspiring friends Clive Mercury and JESS).

Yaeger – Dopamine High

With her new single “Dopamine High”, the 20-year-old emerging Swedish artist named Yaeger lets us enter her world; a bubbly, adventurous and yellow one, with surprises in every corner. The single is inspired by the ecstatic and releasing experience at raves, where the story of “Dopamine High” takes place. It’s about two young lovers, who after an intimate and electric first meeting, they do not dare to let their desires guide them back to each other. Instead, they get caught up in careers. Each hurrying, and looking for something they cannot define. The core feeling of the song is the thrilling moment when they meet again and ignore all the questions about when and why. “It’s that Dopamine High of feeling alive”, Yaeger explains.

With her new single “Dopamine High”, the 20-year-old emerging Swedish artist named Yaeger lets us enter her world.

Anna Dellaria – I Choose Me

LA-based pop-meets-R&B songstress Anna Dellaria returns today with her new single, “I Choose Me.” The anthemic new tune will also be heard on TV Land’s critically-acclaimed show Younger, starring Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster.

Premiering today on The New Nine, “I Choose Me” is a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever felt apologetic for who they are or are not. Driven by tight production, Anna’s smooth soulful vocals captivate during intimate verses before booming with unbridled power on the refrain.

On the powerful meaning behind “I Choose Me,” Anna writes, “It’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever been manipulated, taken advantage of, or felt worthless for not fitting some ridiculous standard. In which you choose to commit to yourself and honor who you are, whether or not people are going to like or understand it. So often we are told to hide the parts of ourselves labelled as “flaws”, instead of looking at them as pieces that demonstrate strength, authenticity and character.  ‘I Choose Me’ is the moment you decide to say “f*ck that – I’m enough” and aims to allow those vulnerabilities to empower us instead of living with them as chains we can’t break and must make up for. ”

In keeping with the spirit of the song, Anna will also be donating a part of the proceeds collected from the song to Girls Inc of Alameda County. The organization gives girls from underprivileged neighborhoods the opportunities and resources that can help shape them into strong, smart, and bold young women.

A recent graduate of USC’s prestigious Thornton School of Music, Anna has truly honed her vocal and writing skills over the past few years – and it shows. She kicked off her career singing backup vocals for legendary acts such as John Fogerty and Chaka Khan.

Anna stepped into the spotlight last year with her single “Bolder,” landing a prominent sync of TV Land’s Younger and surpassing over 325K Spotify streams. With a rising profile, prominent furniture company Ethan Allen tapped Anna to sing in a national campaign that aired during the 2018 Academy® Awards.

Translating lyrical singer-songwriter catharsis a la Jeff Buckley through bold Aretha Franklin-style delivery, Anna Dellaria is quickly carving out a place of her own in the music industry.

Anna Dellaria
LA-based pop-meets-R&B songstress Anna Dellaria returns today with her new single, “I Choose Me.” The anthemic new tune will also be heard tomorrow (July 10th) on TV Land’s critically-acclaimed show Younger, starring Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster.

Radio Smash – Love To Hurt (feat. Mia LJ)

A few years ago, 2 friends know as Radio Smash decided they wanted to share their love for good music with the world. Since Sal and AJ came from different musical backgrounds, their sound is a medley of the different styles of music that have inspired them over the years. When listening, close your eyes and envision how they felt in that moment of time when their passion for music was captured into the song. Through the sad, yet hopeful vocal on Someone Like You, to the euphoric Call Me (On the Weekend), you’ll be taken on a journey through the life and times of Radio Smash.

Radio Smash
A few years ago, 2 friends know as Radio Smash decided they wanted to share their love for good music with the world. Since Sal and AJ came from different musical backgrounds, their sound is a medley of the different styles of music that have inspired them over the years.

Aaron Taos – Voodoo

Aaron Taos is ready to seize his own parcel of the indie pop-rock landscape in 2018 — and Night Thoughts, the Brooklyn resident’s sophomore EP, serves as the blueprint for his takeover. The seven-track effort sees the self-taught artist’s bedroom noodling explode into a full-blown studio project with bolder sounds and bigger production. However, getting to this triumphant phase in his career was no clear-cut task.

Aaron Taos received his first guitar at only five years old. The New Haven, Connecticut suburbanite kid’s affair with the instrument was fleeting as he became more interested in hip-hop and a promising soccer career, even playing in the state’s Olympic Development Program. It wasn’t until he encountered  bands like Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes in high school that music re-established its magic hold on his creative aspirations.

“My first instinct is to write songs,” Aaron Taos says of his artistic drive. “When I first got a guitar when I was little, the first thing I wanted to do was write songs. I didn’t want to learn covers; I wanted to make something new. I really like making tangible things out of ideas.”

As a 16-year-old, those ideas first manifested as a garage rock band with some fellow jocks. Still, athletics remained his primary focus — until he took those talents to college. He quickly found enthusiasm for soccer quashed by too much structure and a lack of creativity, so he resolved to turn fully to his true muse: Music. Between classes, Taos holed up in his school’s computer lab, instructing himself in the production arts. “My friends would make fun of me because I was always there watching tutorial videos, learning how to use Logic,” he recalls.

Literally learning as he went, he was resolute in his passionate pursuit. He moved home before relocating to Brooklyn for a Sony Legacy internship, all the while forging his debut EP, 2015’s GUITS. Lo-fi by necessity, the project “was really a bedroom experiment with guitar in a way I wanted to do it,” he says. “Just looping. It was my first time mixing anything from scratch.” Despite its novice DIY nature, GUITS drew attention from publications like Consequence of Sound, The FADER, Brooklyn Vegan, and Pigeons and Planes; it even landed Taos a manager. With minimal assistance or formal musical education, Taos felt himself fast-tracked to pop success.

Until the reality of the situation slowed everything down. His recordings’ homegrown nature made them intriguingly sincere, but ill-prepared him for the actuality of the industry. Taos went from training himself to being thrust into writing rooms from LA to Sweden and shown all sorts of contracts and licensing deals. It was a lot to absorb for someone who just wanted to create.

“It was a double-edged sword,” says Taos of his quick come-up. “It gave me a reason to say, ‘I can actually do this. I’m going to do this.’ But it also stopped my progress in some ways. I met a lot of cool people, I became a better songwriter, but I wasn’t making anything tangible for me.”

Throughout that year of fruitless co-writing sessions, he nevertheless kept learning, refining his craft while awaiting that serendipitous spark to reignite his artful ambition. Without warning, it returned full force when Taos found himself in the right room with the right song and the right producers. The production team was LA duo TÕN and the song was his early 2017 single “Off My Mind”. A hook-riddled groove of yearning desire mixing GUITS‘s guitar sound with “hard-hitting hip-hop-ish drums,” the track catalyzed a new flurry of writing, recording, and releasing.

Yet, just as his music was becoming more dynamic, his personal life was stagnating. His relationship with his girlfriend, who had been there since the beginning of this journey, was coming to a crossroads. Taos now had to find a way to explore his new sonic growth while simultaneously dealing with a broken heart.  Ever self-aware, he determined the best way to progress with both was to capture it all on Night Thoughts.

“This EP, for me, is to conceptualize what I am and what I’ve done, what this time meant to me,” Taos reflects. “It’s me retrospectively making sense of my life at that time personally and musically.”

As a result, Night Thoughts plays through the timeline of a relationship. The sleek, sexy tones of opener “Amazing” capture that first rush of attraction. Driving and syncopated, the hard-thumping “Twisted” expresses the dumbfounding anxiety of obsession with psychedelic licks nodding to Taos’ love of Tame Impala. Straightening himself up, Taos gets lost in the cool, carefree joy of true love on “Only One”, only to wistfully stumble on the dance floor as he recognizes a potential end with “Not Over Yet”.

More than just romantic contemplation, though, the EP is truly a time capsule of Aaron Taos’ last three years. It’s the result of a burgeoning musician’s quest to become the type of recording artist he knew he could be. Although it stands as validation that he’s succeeded, it also marks the end of this chapter in his life. It places this young songwriter on the edge of darkness, just stepping forward to meet whatever comes next. There, in those moments before the breaking dawn, live twilight ruminations rich with vulnerability, pleasure, and heartache — the Night Thoughts.

Aaron Taos
Aaron Taos is ready to seize his own parcel of the indie pop-rock landscape in 2018 — and Night Thoughts, the Brooklyn resident’s sophomore EP, serves as the blueprint for his takeover.

DJ Soak – Don’t Make Me

Sergio Hernando A.K.A  DJ Soak at the early age of 24 years old has become a top reference in spanish scene electrónic and turntablism. Credentials, of course, is not lacking: in 2003, with only 12 years old, opened an enviable achievements in becoming runner-up Spain in DMC. Since then it has not ceased to be a landmark in the national and international competitions for DMC and ITF, now known as I.D.A.

“A young prodigy from scratch” would be one of the most successful definitions to discuss Soak, and that is that this kid wants to bite the world.

DJ Soak shows an innate talent, which has managed to shape practicing very hard since he barely lifted was a child and used to sneak the dishes of his brother Dj Elko. Soak has grown and grown into one of the new covering of urban culture of our country.

Valencian, but with good hands who could have been forged in the crib from scratch, at it’ s Soak bet the electric rhythms.

It plays in each of them to perfection by mixing electronic, freestyle, hip hop, and requires more than an unbeliever to turn his head toward the cockpit to check that this wonder is scratching vinyl meat and bone, ultimately free music that skips the rules without giving up the party.

Despite his youth, he has appeared on several TV programs that have succumbed to his savoir faire: Música Sí (TVE), Miradas2 (TVE), La Hora Wiki (Canal+), MTV (Austria) and in Rolling Stone magazine, Dj Mag, Vulture, Serie B, Hip Hop Nation, Hip Flow, Alittlebeat, Staff Magazzine or Deejay.

The best thing is that the reign of Soak just starting and we can only expect good things very good things, this guy in constant exploration of ways and innovation that transform and magically erase the dividing lines between musical genders.

DJ Soak
“A young prodigy from scratch” would be one of the most successful definitions to discuss Soak, and that is that this kid wants to bite the world.


*Vize-Champion of Spain DMC 2003

*3º in the championship of Spain of the I.T.F 2005

*4º in the championship of Spain of the DMC 2005

*Champion of the Community Valenciana of DMC 2006

*3º in the championship of Spain the DMC 2006

*Champion of Spain I.T.F / I.D.A 2006

*Vize-champion of World/Euro I.T.F / I.D.A 2006

*Vize-Champion of Spain DMC 2007

*4º in the World I.D.A/I.T.F 2007

*Champion of Spain DMC 2008

*5º in the championship of World DMC 2008

*Champion of Spain DMC 2009

*Red Bull Thre3Style Champion of the Community Valenciana

Foley – Talk About It

Foley  started  almost  as  a  dare  –  a  challenge  between  two  long  time  friends  to  blend  their  mutual  love  of  popfunk  and  dance  into  a  meaningful  spin  on  pop  music.  Frustrated  with  the  standard  model  of  two-piece  acts  being  pigeonholed  into  1  vocalist  and  1  producer,  Foley  made  a  point  to  be  equal.  Songs  are  crafted  together,  50/50;  with  neither  party  more  important  than  the  other.  In  a  male  dominated  industry  where  female  vocalists  are  often  commoditized,  it’s  an  important  distinction  to  make.

Both  talented  writers,  producers,  and  performers,  the  pair  collaborate  on  everything  from  lyrics  &  melody  to  instrumentation  &  performance  –  nothing  is  one  sided  and  the  result  is  greater  than  the  sum  of  its  parts.  The  long  list  of  achievements  following  their  debut  single  ‘Settle’ is  proof  that  going  against  the  grain  works.

Released  in  October  2017,  the  bass-driven  debut  immediately  launched  the  pair  into  local  hearts  and  minds,  receiving  extensive  radio  support  from  one  of  New  Zealand’s  largest  commercial  radio  stations  ZM  and  NZ’s  largest  dance  station  George  FM. ‘Settle’  also  received  wide  support  from  DSPs,  landing  on  Spotify’s  prestigious  Fresh  Finds:  Hiptronix  playlist  and  clocking  up  over  50K  streams  since  release.  And  after  only  one  month  in  the  public  eye,  Foley  were  invited  to  play  New  Zealand’s  largest  New  Years  festival,  Rhythm  &  Vines  for  it’s  second  consecutive  sold-out  year.

Waves  like  this  don’t  go  unnoticed  –  Foley’s  success  quickly  pricked  the  ears  of  the  industry,  landing  the  duo  features  on  tastemaker  blogs  like  Coup  de  Main.  The  pair  also  secured  government  funding  and  a  coveted  spot  on  the  NZ  On  Air’sNewTracks  disc  –  which  is  presented  to  top  level  broadcast  media.  Behind  the  scenes,  the  duo  have  formed  a  relationship  with  some  of  NZ’s  best  producers:  Josh  Fountain  (Thomston,  LEISURE,  MAALA)  and  Djeisan  Suskov  (Mitch  James,  Matthew  Young)  –  trying  new  sounds  and  tearing  apart  old  habits.