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Michel young – Human

The label 4 On The Floor proudly presents Michel Young – born 1993 of French and Finnish heritage but now based in Sweden. He is currently working with Jonas von der Burg, a songwriter and producer behind numerous worldwide mega hits.

The past year has been lined with successes. His latest releases “Talk Talk” and “Come Over” and Dance No More” has already been successful in both international DJ lists and radio shows. The remixes are done by the very well renowned StoneBridge as well as the the up and coming producer/writer/remixer Damien Hall.

Michel Young’s tracks has been on A-rotation on P4 in Denmark and hothits.uk. B-rotation in Sweden. Michel Young is also played in USA, Japan, South America, Kenya, Mexico and Thailand. Lux FM, Passort Approved och Kiss FM (Ukraina). Lollipop,Glasgow, Candy Radio and Hit Song UK med flera. The tracks has been released in Spain, Poland, UK, Greece and Ireland.

Michel can be described in many ways – unique, talented and charismatic, just seem to scratch the surface. However, there is one word that ties them all together and is true to their character; Michel Young is Real. Few people sing so honestly from their heart and soul. Michel Young does so in just the right way, combining art, story and song in perfect unison.

Lenii – Human

Ellen Murphy know as the music artist Lenii is a singer, songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist from Cork, Ireland. Her musical journey started with classical violin at age 4 but, since discovering the endless possibilities in producing electronic music, she developed a love for fusing different genres and styles. At 15 years old she moved to New York to further her skills in music production, and subsequently spent years involved in the underground electronic music scene.

Her first single release of 2018 is ‘Human’, a subject of 80’s synth-pop influences and a forward-thinking approach to the underground electronic music scene. Having originally composed ballads and instrumentals from as young as 7, her musical style now showcases the melodic songwriting from her roots, mixed with electronic production reminiscent of the 80’s synth-pop era.

Her music is centred around her ethereal vocals and moving lyrics that focus on social and emotional subjects. Sent awash by reverb-drenched anthemic beats and twinkling synthesizers that shine bright matching a starlit night, her delivery of effervescent vocal qualities and reflective lyricism shows her clear pop qualities on full display.

Commenting more on the single, Lenii states “Today’s world is so divided and when it comes down to it we’re all human, we all feel the same emotions and deal with the same things.”

Ellen Murphy know as the music artist Lenii is a singer, songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist from Cork, Ireland.