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Cihan Ozaman is a producer, singer and songwriter known as Kemelion. He was born in Istanbul, grew up in Paris and went to school in Hannover. Currently he lives in Stuttgart and often commutes to the Alps, where he works with the producer Joe Styppa aka Jaime (drummer of Cro, Cassandra Steen, Estikay, KMN Gang) on his debut EP, which will be released in spring 2019.

On January 25, 2019, they released the fourth single by Jaime “With You (feat. Kemelion)”, which will also be available together with” Over Us “on the debut EP of Kemelion. He combines oriental beats with groovy bass lines that are beating through the melodic walls of the synthesizers. On top you hear guitar licks with different funk & pop influences. His striking voice complements the 26-year-old with huge choirs and harmonies. He describes his own musical genre as “Modern Electro Pop”. Kemelion does nothing be behind his music. He becomes one with it. In March 2018, Kemelion had applied for the nationwide band promotion Play Live. Against 60 artists, he made it through live performances to the last top 4. In December 2018, the final took place at the Scala in Ludwigsburg where he convinced the jury again and earned a slot at the 2019 Stuttgart Electronic Music Festival.

Princess Nostalgia – Ode to boy

Hailing from three generations of female artists, Princess Nostalgia was encouraged to express herself from a young age. Born on Tiber Island in the heart of Rome, her childhood unfolded amongst the ruins of an ancient world. This bittersweet sense of the past has informed her outlook ever since.

At 8 years old, she moved with her mother and brother to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her father remained in Italy (their shared love of Kraftwerk, D’Angelo, and Chic has been the basis of their long distance relationship). The sharp divide between the two worlds in which she lived led her to develop a fascination with the feeling of nostalgia—which became not only a familiar friend, but a source of inspiration (hence the moniker).

In the fourth grade, Princess Nostalgia picked up the double bass. Ten years of classical training opened her eyes to the endless potential of musical composition, and an insatiable itch to do it herself was awakened. The subsequent discovery of Logic Pro X gave her the freedom to manifest this potential on her own terms.  Inspired by a wide array of genres including funk, r&b, electronic, and pop, Princess Nostalgia taught herself how to compose, arrange, mix, and master her own music. Despite the toxic aspects of being an artist in the age of social media, she is immensely grateful for the vast reserves of free information the internet has to offer, as she acquired many of her skills through youtube tutorials and music tech blogs.

Furthermore, her artistic background has allowed her to create her own album art and to direct and edit her own music videos. Headstrong and self-reliant, she takes pride in the knowledge that everything you see and hear is a product of her own creation. Today, Princess Nostalgia is a philosophy major at the University of Verm.

Foley – Talk About It

Foley  started  almost  as  a  dare  –  a  challenge  between  two  long  time  friends  to  blend  their  mutual  love  of  popfunk  and  dance  into  a  meaningful  spin  on  pop  music.  Frustrated  with  the  standard  model  of  two-piece  acts  being  pigeonholed  into  1  vocalist  and  1  producer,  Foley  made  a  point  to  be  equal.  Songs  are  crafted  together,  50/50;  with  neither  party  more  important  than  the  other.  In  a  male  dominated  industry  where  female  vocalists  are  often  commoditized,  it’s  an  important  distinction  to  make.

Both  talented  writers,  producers,  and  performers,  the  pair  collaborate  on  everything  from  lyrics  &  melody  to  instrumentation  &  performance  –  nothing  is  one  sided  and  the  result  is  greater  than  the  sum  of  its  parts.  The  long  list  of  achievements  following  their  debut  single  ‘Settle’ is  proof  that  going  against  the  grain  works.

Released  in  October  2017,  the  bass-driven  debut  immediately  launched  the  pair  into  local  hearts  and  minds,  receiving  extensive  radio  support  from  one  of  New  Zealand’s  largest  commercial  radio  stations  ZM  and  NZ’s  largest  dance  station  George  FM. ‘Settle’  also  received  wide  support  from  DSPs,  landing  on  Spotify’s  prestigious  Fresh  Finds:  Hiptronix  playlist  and  clocking  up  over  50K  streams  since  release.  And  after  only  one  month  in  the  public  eye,  Foley  were  invited  to  play  New  Zealand’s  largest  New  Years  festival,  Rhythm  &  Vines  for  it’s  second  consecutive  sold-out  year.

Waves  like  this  don’t  go  unnoticed  –  Foley’s  success  quickly  pricked  the  ears  of  the  industry,  landing  the  duo  features  on  tastemaker  blogs  like  Coup  de  Main.  The  pair  also  secured  government  funding  and  a  coveted  spot  on  the  NZ  On  Air’sNewTracks  disc  –  which  is  presented  to  top  level  broadcast  media.  Behind  the  scenes,  the  duo  have  formed  a  relationship  with  some  of  NZ’s  best  producers:  Josh  Fountain  (Thomston,  LEISURE,  MAALA)  and  Djeisan  Suskov  (Mitch  James,  Matthew  Young)  –  trying  new  sounds  and  tearing  apart  old  habits.

Cavaro – Not The One (ft. Abrax Phaeton & Enya Angel)


Cavaro is a Colombian music producer with over 7 years of experience where he has accumulated various top positions on the iTunes charts and a 16th position on the global Spotify charts with his song “Lost In You”. His style is a mixture of various influences including Rnb, Hip hop, funk, Chillstep and Pop.

Cavaro is a music producer and Live Performer characterised for making Tropical-House/R&B/Trap-influenced music mixed with different elements from other styles and genres, always versatile but with a unique sense of identity. Starting in the electronic music world at the age of 18 (with extensive background on musical theory), Cavaro traveled to Australia where he resides now and founded his own record label ‘RKJ Music’, which later on would reach a number 9 spot on the iTunes Electronic Charts with Cavaro’s release ‘Second Chance (Ft. Dominique)’.

After graduating with a bachelor on music production from SAE Institute Melbourne, Cavaro focused his attention on making remixes and crafting his ever evolving sound meeting different people on the way and gaining popularity. He also managed to be a host on BPM Radio Australia (Transmitted by KISS FM) and to play in different clubs of the local scene in Melbourne.

After traveling  to different conferences of the music industry such as ADE (Amsterdam), WMC (Miami), EMC (Sydney), Cavaro re-routed his focus, simultaneously releasing a Progressive House remix of John Legend’s song ‘All Of Me‘ along with the Colombian producer ‘Argüello‘. This remix had over 200000 plays in a short time, trended on Soundcloud and was played in different radio stations around the world.

In the end of 2014 Cavaro started  creating his new and unique style. This would be a mixture of the sounds he would find exploring the different genres he was starting to be influenced by (Mainly RNB) at that moment. Later on he would release remixes introucing his new style and surprisingly catching the attention of the public with more than 100000 plays per remix and an outstanding number of plays of almost 300000 generated by his version of ‘Thinking Out Loud‘ by Ed Sheeran.

His popularity with remixes started to grow rapidly which lead Cavaro to release his original song called ‘Second Chance’ featuring vocals by the New Yorker Dominique.  It reached the number 9 spot on the iTunes Electronic Charts within the first week of the Pre-order stage and gained more than 120000 plays in the first couple of months. It also trended on Soundcloud and has been played in different radio stations around the world which had opened many doors for the Colombian producer.

Cavaro as an ever evolving producer, is a rising talent to have an eye on, his remixes and originals are unique and something worth to listen to.

Cavaro is a Colombian music producer with over 7 years of experience where he has accumulated various top positions on the iTunes charts and a 16th position on the global Spotify charts with his song “Lost In You”. His style is a mixture of various influences including Rnb, Hip hop, funk, Chillstep and Pop.

Follow Cavaro:

– www.soundcloud.com/Cavaroofficial






Daze is a project born in 2009 from a mixture of influences, mainly from the Amiga computer’s demoscene and 80’s electro funk music. 

(via https://soundcloud.com/douglaspisterman/02-neighbours-mix-r17-mp02?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=tumblr)

Douglas Pisterman’s music punches indie, pop, electronic,soul, house and funk to create a experimental genre within Pop music.
He creates compositions with rhythmic and lively melodies which he develloped by learning music in the Conservatoire of Nice.The current production of his work is composed with synths, MIDI contro llers, voice, guitar, bass and any instrument he can get his hands on. Douglas uses his own samples based on his compos itions and sound recordings that gives him the freedom to improvise and to fit in different contextual circumstances.
He’s releasing his first solo effort after touring with Cabuco as keyboardist and lead vocalist in Paris and after accompanying several bands (Kelly Lee Owens, Burning Peacocks). This ep was mixed by David Oversby Powell (Fyfe, Kelly Lee Owens, ..) in his studio and mastered by Mandy Parnell (Björk, Animal Collective, Mocky,…).

Here listen:

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ATTN: Robby Hunter Band is now officially Magic City Hippies!

The Hippie Castle EP is out now!

Robby met the Hippies over a series of Friday nights in a dark, sweaty corner of a dark, sweaty bar. Week after week, a seemingly endless supply of free-spirited musicians cycled through the Old Miami dive to sit in on Robby’s gig and jam on classic Hip Hop covers. After sampling half the supply of local musicians in his revolving door of a band, Robby finally found the two perfect complements to his idiosyncratic songwriting: multi-instrumentalists Pat and John, two inhabitants of what was called the Hippie Castle.

The Hippie Castle is hard to explain. Almost completely obscured from the road by a jungle of fruit trees and tropical flora, this 60’s era Florida bungalow covered in aging murals and white-washed wood paneling formed the nucleus of a bohemian scene of musicians and artists. These are the Magic City Hippies. Robby quickly fell down the rabbit hole of the Castle, reveling in midnight pool parties and the monthly raucous house shows. Inspired by the impressive talent that passed through the house, Robby and the Hippies built a studio in the Castle and began documenting their carefree lifestyle to the world.

Under the name Robby Hunter Band, they released a series of singles, including the indie hits ‘Corazon’ and ‘Hard On Me’ and culminating in their debut album Magic City Hippies. After seeing first-hand the world’s appetite for their take on the Magic City, the boys decided to push beyond the limits of their signature Indie Funk sound and incorporate an even wider net of genres and influences. Having realized that the music had developed to a level beyond their humble trio beginnings, Robby and the boys took on the name Magic City Hippies to embody the original spirit that inspired the music. The Hippies, as they’re simply known in Miami, continue to deliver high-energy live shows and soulful pop quirks from their headquarters at the Hippie Castle, waiting patiently to drop their next Indie Funk gem on the world.