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Jenko – by your side

JENKO (real name Richard Jenko) is a 26 year old EDM, dance-pop artist from the midlands, UK with a rich musical background supported by the likes of Calvin Harris and Dallas Austin  in the past.

After having some success in his younger years as ‘Richard Jay’ he received airplay on national and international radio and began working with some of the industry’s top songwriters. He was also included in the Converse shoes ‘rising sparks’ campaign as one of the top up and coming talents.

Calvin Harris, Dallas Austin and other top producers agree. Richard Jay is  one of the most notable new pop talents to look out for. The young  British pop prodigy has been stirring up interest on both sides of the  Atlantic with his blend of pop, electro and heartfelt balladry.

ARJAN  WRITES, Named one of the best music blogs by Forbes and also an official community blogger for the Grammy Awards

RICHARD JAY,  one serious pop prodigy at seventeen(!), who’s quite a busy bee in the  studio as he writes, records, produces, and masters his own material.  He’s been floating around the interwebs for some time, garnering the  interest of BBC and thus being featured on a variety  of radio shows. The young aspirant is also taking part in the latest  Converse campaign promoting new talents on the block, to which they  described Richard Jay as a “creative centipede”.

Richard Jay’s music is just the right mix of bright, shimmering synthesizers and deep bass sound that both sounds gorgeous

Richard  is now branching out by himself once again, this time as JENKO and beginning to make his mark by releasing his latest solo track ‘By Your Side’ on the 25th June on all major platforms (i.e. Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music).

Rainer + Grimm – Be Your girl

Rainer + Grimm, self-proclaimed happy sad boys, have been described as Toronto’s contemporary dance music response to the alternative R&B sound the city is infamous for.

Their official remixes for Sam Smith, Jessie Ware, Years & Years, Johnny Orlando, R3Hab, and many others have found homes on commercial airwaves and basement dance floors alike while signing a string of original releases on Universal Canada, Casablanca and physical presents as well as independent releases on their own imprint Bleeding Hearts Club. With production and engineering credits for the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, French Montana, Swae Lee, and Allan Rayman, just to name a few, they are poised to push their sound to the masses like never before.

Rainer + Grimm have had countless number 1’s on the popular blog aggregate site Hype Machine and a top 5 chart position on the UK’s Music Week Club and Pop Charts helped R&G tour across North America multiple times preaching their duty gospel and touch festival main stages ranging from Digital Dreams and Escapade to Splash House.

Since being a Spotify spotlight artist back in 2016, Rainer + Grimm records have been streamed over 30 million times across all streaming platforms, while boasting millions of those streams independently, 2019 promises more success under their musical umbrella Bleeding Hearts Club (BHC).

Phil Good – Put It all on me

Phil Good had his latest original single, “Be Somebody” featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday.

Phil Good has collaborated with  Cheat Codes, Daylight, Shaun Frank, Casey Smith, Justin Gammella, Michelle Buzz, Avena Savage, Shallou, and more.

Feature with k?d (PRMD) “Lose Myself” reached #1 on the Soundcloud Dance charts.

Has co-written singles for Cheat Codes and CADE and has an upcoming single that he co-wrote and co-produced coming out by buzzy up and comer, Carlie Hanson.  He also co-wrote the latest single from Demo Taped feat. Jaira Burns (300) titled “Everyone Else.”

Slayyyter – Mine

Slayyyter is a 22 year old pop artist from St Louis, MO who was recently named “the future of pop music” by FADER. Slayyyter’s music draws inspiration from Heidi Montag and Courtney Stodden accompanied by social posts reminiscent of the MySpace and AIM eras. Cosigns from Grimes, Charli XCX, Kim Petras, and more have helped her quickly amass a cult following, growing rapidly on Twitter and Instagram. With eight singles released to date, she is currently working on a debut LP and embarking on a US headline tour this summer, dates below.

Slayyyter really is the future of pop musicr” – FADER
“Slayyyter is music’s internet princess” – V Magazine
“Electro-pop newcomer Slayyyter serves shades of millennial pop, bringing everything from Britney to NSYNC to mind..” – Billboard
“Slayyyter Is 2018 Pop, inspired By 2007 Britney, Lindsay, and Paris – PAPER

Slayyyter has released a viral brand new single “Mine.” The single debuted with Billboard Magazine here and is available to stream now here. Prior to release, a 10 second snippet of “Mine” garnered 500k+ views across several fan-made dance videos and reposts.

Speaking about the song, Slayyyter told Billboard, “I first heard the demo when I was in LA in December, Robokid played it for me at a session and I fell in love with it. Good Intent wrote the first version I heard and I immediately felt like it was a hit. I got home, after putting it off for a while I finally recorded the vocals for it in my closet till like 7 am. It’s basically a bouncy lovey-dovey house track about wanting someone really bad. I got the first mix back and posted a 15 second snippet of the chorus on a whim and twitter lost its mind. I hope people show the song as much love on Valentine’s Day as they did the snippet! It’s the perfect soundtrack for drunken sex in the back of an Uber!”

Slayyyter has announced a headline tour of US dates this June, with support from Robokid and Boy Sim. These tour dates will be Slayyyter’s debut live performances.

June 25, 2019 – Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere Zone One 
June 26, 2019 – Chicago, IL – Schuba’s Tavern
June 27, 2019 – San Fransisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop
June 29, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo

Pierce Fulton – Overthinking Rain

There’s not much to do in Vermont…Though the combination of cold weather and small isolated towns do force an extremely bored kid to get creative. Now it’s 1998, picture Pierce Fulton at 6 years old, sitting on a tiny guitar amp with similarly tiny guitar in hand, begging his parents and family friends for song requests.

Long before his time as a DJ, Pierce Fulton was pleasing crowds with covers of all 60s-70s era classic rock, having no idea what kind of impact this would have later. Fast forward a few years and those song requests turned suggestions of various genres and eventually different instruments. A quick ear helped him in first picking up the guitar as a child and later moving onto drums, piano, trombone and more.

Pierce Fulton has always had this fascination for taking a concept from one instrument or genre and applying it to something new, an activity that would later define the core of his music. Now with 15 years of classic rock, reggae, blues and even a bit of metal and classical music under his belt, you can imagine how strange Pierce’s first interaction with electronic music was.

Somehow this small high school in Vermont was blessed with an incredible music department entirely run by two teachers, a husband and wife. One semester of Pierce’s senior year involved back to back music theory and electronic music production classes and another course in music history. The electronic music course taught students the fundamentals of production programs, basic synthesis/sound design, and sampling in addition to studying the history of iconic electronic music from the likes of Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Frankie Knuckles, and more. It was a revelation having had no real exposure to this world, growing up in such seclusion, so far away from club culture.

You might know Pierce most for his songs Kuaga, No More, Losing You & Landmines but with his recently released Borrowed Lives EP and debut album Better Places, he goes back to those early musical roots. “I’ve played some sort of music since I was a child,” says Pierce. “Anywhere from a guitar to just banging sticks on stage as a 5 year old at my aunts wedding, I’ve always ‘done’ something. Electronic music was the first time in my musical lifetime that I stopped playing things and started clicking and dragging. It’s a blast because you can be a one man band, but over time I realized I lost a lot of what made me a musician. I still can’t even play my guitar as well as I did when I was 14, don’t even get me started about drums or piano. With my songs like Landmines and No More, you can hear the live music sneaking it’s way back into my life but Borrowed Lives and my album Better Places are my first full steps back into being a musician again.”

Now 25 years old and based in Los Angeles, Pierce is still subject to the habits of his youth; bouncing between genres and instruments while simultaneously bringing all of these influences into the dance music he’s known for. When he isn’t out on the road, playing shows around the world, not too much has changed about those quiet, cozy nights spent in the studio.

Pierce Fulton

Boys Choir – Sorry

Boys Choir is the new electronic prodigy from Scandinavia. A territory already renowned for its brilliant dance tunes. They deliver a true blend between pop and club music with their hard hitting tracks and infectiously catchy melodies. On June 8th they released their third single, “Sorry” – A lush, grand sounding track with punchy drums, massive synths and glimmering guitars. On vocals we find the amazing voice of HART.

Boys Choir
Boys Choir is the new electronic prodigy from Scandinavia. A territory already renowned for its brilliant dance tunes. They deliver a true blend between pop and club music with their hard hitting tracks and infectiously catchy melodies.

BLYNE – Water

Unsigned Music

Unsigned Jan Hammele, 26, and Andreas Huber, 25, are two ambitious and experienced producers, multi-instrumentalists, DJs and live-acts who have been making music together for six years.
The two perfectionists first got to know each other during their studies in Audio Design at the School Of Popular Arts Berlin (hdpk) and have been involved in several collaborative projects since then. They quickly discovered a similar taste and working process which brought them together on a professional level.
Jan‘s musical approach has been influenced by his early involvement in a punk/grunge band where he was front singer and played both the guitar and the piano.
Andreas is an equally educated musician who began his musical career in numerous metal bands before he shifted his focus on other genres.
Drawn towards the zeitgeist of Berlin‘s electronic music scene, they developed an enthusiasm for the sheer endless opportunities within the genre. Formerly operating under their stage name Egokind & Ozean they started making music in 2010 and released their debut album „Transition. During this period they toured around European clubs as a DJ duo and live-act and played gigs in Belgium, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK and the US.
They have produced for numerous artists such as Alle Farben, Yasha, Lovra, L Devine and many more. For the multi-national selling single „She Moves“ by german EDM artist Alle Farben they received a golden record in 2015.
With their new artist project BLYNE the two Berlin based producers decided to shift their focus and devotion in order to developed a unique interpretation of contemporary pop music transcending traditional and national genres. By collaborating with different English native-speaking artists for each song, they create a varied but very recognisable sound which meanders between pop, r‘n‘b, hip-hop and electronic music.


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Celeste Buckingham – Go Away

Celeste Buckingham

By the age of 17, Celeste Buckingham had already conquered the European music scene. Born in Switzerland to a Swiss-American family, she rose to international recognition on the program SuperStar, indisputably solidifying her status as a pop star in Eastern Europe along the way. Her 2012 full-length debut, Don’t Look Back [EMI Czech Republic], yielded the Top 10 single “Run Run Run”, which even garnered the honor of “Best Czech & Slovak Act” at the MTV Europe Music Awards. However, in 2013, Celeste officially arrived in the United States, immediately turning heads as she commenced her next conquest.

Flaunting true individuality and an inimitable presence, she captured the attention of fans and tastemakers alike via her soulful delivery and impeccable vocal stylings evocative of influences such as Etta James, Adele, and Joss Stone. She describes her sound best though.

“I never follow a specific genre,” Celeste exclaims. “The music that I like to write and perform is raw and organic with a lot of soul and even a little bit of jazz.”

Stateside, she began a collaborative partnership with musical director Earl Cohen—whose credits include everybody from Lady Gaga, Pharrell, and P!nk to Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, and David Bowie. Together, they began working on her inaugural North American album in earnest during early 2014 with Celeste co-writing everything. In the midst of creating music, she became nominated in the “Best New Artist” category at the Radio Disney Music Awards, marking a major U.S. accolade.

Ultimately though, the best way to meet Celeste is through her music. “I am a songwriter first and foremost,” she declares. “I live the song, and every single piece is like a story or a movie. I develop a relationship to it, and I like to write about subjects that are important to me, my friends, and other young people out there. Music is a ladder for the soul. It should have content, meaning, and beauty.”

That mentality extends to her pursuits outside of music too as she remains dedicated to numerous philanthropic and charitable pursuits. Her track “Nobody Knows” benefited children with Autism, while the video for “I’m Not Sorry” spoke out against discrimination towards women. She also takes time to work with The Boys And Girls Club of America as well as CARE.org.

Celeste stands poised to make a very big impact and could very well change pop music in the process…

Celeste Buckingham
“Music is a ladder for the soul. It should have content, meaning, and beauty.”


ZOYA – Veracious Heart


ZOYA is an independent recording artist​, singer-songwriter, musician based in Los Angeles, CA. Her raspy, pure, emotional vocals along with unique and spunky presence on stage will wake you up if you’re asleep and surely will grab your attention right away. Her songs are for those who need encouragement or a positive vibe throughout their day. ZOYA now imbues her music with the kind of soul somebody only gets by aligning an inner fire with a greater power.

Her latest single ‘I Still Believe’ is an emotional, and empowering song that highlights the importance of believing and having steadfastness in faith, and encourages everyone to ‘still believe.

ZOYA was born on September 4, 1993 in Pinsk, Belarus. At age 11, she immigrated to United States and then grew up in Columbus, OH. She was raised in a Christian home always listening to inspirational, worship, gospel and jazz music cassettes and CD’s. She started writing her first songs and poems at age of 6. Her music passion developed even more when she recorded her first worship music album “Shalom” at age 13 at her local church.

ZOYA has toured and performed in various states and countries such as United States, Canada and Belarus. She spent four years singing and studying at the Columbus International Children’s Choir (Academy). In July of 2014, she traveled to her home country Minsk, Belarus to work on her music and perform there at local churches and venues. She managed to record two of her original singles ‘No Need to Worry’ and ‘God is God’ in a few days at the Studio Nerv-Records. Both singles were released independently in mid-August the same year on iTunes, Spotify, Jango Radio, CD Baby and other digital music stores.

In November 2014, ‘No Need to Worry’ was heard by thousands in Ufa, Russia since it was played on the radio inside of the city’s luxurious coffee shops. Her second Russian power ballad single God is God’ took over the Russian Christian social media right after its release.

On April 7, 2017, ZOYA released her debut original EP ‘Veracious Heart’ and managed to kick off the ‘Veracious Heart Tour’ independently in May same year in the support of her new EP. Her single “I Still Believe” was streamed on 300+ college radio stations in United States as well as local radio stations in US, UK and Russia.

Her headlining tour in the support of her EP consisted of multiple Los Angeles shows as well as a few festivals in Columbus, Ohio such as Fashion Meets Music Festival alongside with DNCE, Third Eye Blind, Tegan & Sara and Fetty Wap. In addition, ZOYA is also passionate and outspoken about social issues such as immigration, human trafficking, education, poverty and children. She has also volunteered for the non-profits such as Fight For Children Foundation, Bonner Scholars Program and City of Athens, WV and interned at the U.S. House of Representatives for the Speaker of the House. In May of 2015, she graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

According to ZOYA, even though she’s living a devout Christian lifestyle, she doesn’t want to put a Christian label on her music. Her main goal is to, “share my story with Everyone, give encouragement through music and dynamic live shows, and most importantly, spread the message of love, hope and self-empowerment.”

ZØYA is an independent recording artist​, singer-songwriter, musician and storyteller​​ ​based in Los Angeles, CA. Her raspy, pure, emotional vocals along with unique and spunky presence on stage will wake you up if you’re asleep and surely will grab your attention right away.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/zoyanaumchik
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zoyanaumchik
Instagram: http://instagram.com/zoyanaumchik
YouTube: http://youtube.com/user/zoechka
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/zoya-naumchik​Website: http://zoyanaumchik.com  ​

Jasmine Sokko – Porcupine

Jasmine Sokko

Jasmine Sokko is an electronic music project born out of a thirst for adventure. Raised in a hyper – organized urban city, she draws inspiration from fashion, dystopian film cinematography and thriller novels, conveying her music through different shades of darkness.

Spotify Singapore has named her debut single ‘1057’ “the must -listen local track of the day”. It became the number 1 song on Spotify Singapore’s Top 50 Viral chart with over 430,000 streams and number 8 in Spotify Indonesia’s Top 50 Viral chart in the week of 10/10/2016. The music video has made its way to MTV Asia’s Viral Charts, clocking in at No. 2 end October 2016. The accompanying music video has made Its way to MTV Asia’s Viral Charts, clocking in at No. 2 end October 2016.

Jasmine Sokko has been sought out by New York -based producer Lucian to work on his single ‘Close To You’. In September 2017, she has been named as “9 Amazing Singaporean Musicians To Add To Your Playlists” by Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. Prestige Singapore listed her in their annual “40 Under 40” article as a culture mover and shaker in the Singapore music industry.

Jasmine Sokko
Jasmine Sokko is an electronic music project born out of a thirst for adventure. Raised in a hyper – organized urban city, she draws inspiration from fashion, dystopian film cinematography and thriller novels, conveying her music through different shades of darkness.