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FEMME – What You Gonna do

Continuing her move away from pop and further into club territory producer/vocalist Laura Bettinson, aka FEMME presents her latest single ‘What You Gonna Do’. The first release on her newly founded electronic label Wurld Ltd. As a composer, producer, vocalist and DJ, she has worked with Charli XCX, Sasha, Four Tet and David Lynch. FEMME’s music has been used by Google, Boohoo, adidas and PES 2019 video game, among other global campaigns. She is also in the band ‘Ultraísta’ with Radiohead’s Nigel Godrich. FEMME has been supported by New York Times, BBC 6Music, BBC Radio One, Noisey, Fader, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Spotify, apple, Deezer, Amazon and many more.

“This is what the future sounds like” Billboard, Best in Dance 2018. FEMME will be performing at SXSW this year. Her shows are now fully DJ led, along with her own music. There are also dates scheduled in USA and Mexico before coming home to London, UK to play a residency which will see some of her closest friends in music come and DJ over April in Peckham.

What You Gonna Do is a fun and dumb track dedicated to all those people that never want the party to end. Those of us that cling on to the last remnants of every weekend whilst hurtling towards Monday morning with the stamp from the night before still inked on the backs of our hands.” (FEMME).

(Jake Chudnow)

Sontag Shogun was borne from the ashes of the fiery phoenix. This blazing winged creature produced a wet mewling pup, crawling blindly through the slick muck that was wet, ashy birth. Sontag Shogun is, put simply, an ongoing experiment. Somewhere between a lullaby and a dirge, Sontag Shogun takes their lullanoise and tries to find the strange, eery moments that exist within beauty. The snapshot before and after a bright, wide smile. The warm gleam of bones on the beach, picked clean of meat and tendons.

Sontag Shogun is an ambient, electronic piano trio comprised of former members from [the] slowest runner [in all the world]. Pooling their influences from modern classical, improvised and ambient musical spheres, they create longform shape-shifting compositions that are at times lush and melodic as well as textural and unpredictable. They have improvised with artists as diverse as Matana Roberts, Tom Carter, Aki Onda as well as a collective of Japanese contemporary video artists. Sontag Shogun performs alongside black and white video-loop collages from films and archival footage, embracing the evocative and emotive nature of their melodic textures. They make music to dream away to, or from.

“There’s a tangible loneliness to Sontag Shogun’s music, but there’s a wistful loveliness present, too. The Brooklyn trio assumes a sort of songwriting assembly line, with Ian Temple’s emotive, tremulous piano figures falling prey to Jesse Perlstein’s legion of atmospheric, laptop-catalogue samples and the oscillator/tapes/electronic militia at Jeremy Young’s command. Borne thereof are instrumentals that hover somewhere between quiet-storm raucous and New Age quiescent: giggly ivory-tickles brush elbows with industrial found sounds; funny-bone effects trill like cicadas or fireworks or distant slide whistles; sonatas and pitch-shifted drones suck face. Unlikely antecedents turn up in this mournful and meditative melee (The band counts composers like Arvo Part, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Philip Glass, and Max Richter among their influences.) Perhaps it’s just that they seem to, for succumbing to a Sontag Shogun song is like wandering into a mist or thinny in a mystery novel: the first few seconds are universally objective, but beyond that, the experience is colored by what the listener brings to the table. ”
-Ray Cummings, Village Voice

Even more simply put, Sontag Shogun is:

Jeremy Young, Jesse Perlstein & Ian Temple

for Booking/Inquiries email us at:sontagshoguninfo@gmail.com