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Jenko – by your side

JENKO (real name Richard Jenko) is a 26 year old EDM, dance-pop artist from the midlands, UK with a rich musical background supported by the likes of Calvin Harris and Dallas Austin  in the past.

After having some success in his younger years as ‘Richard Jay’ he received airplay on national and international radio and began working with some of the industry’s top songwriters. He was also included in the Converse shoes ‘rising sparks’ campaign as one of the top up and coming talents.

Calvin Harris, Dallas Austin and other top producers agree. Richard Jay is  one of the most notable new pop talents to look out for. The young  British pop prodigy has been stirring up interest on both sides of the  Atlantic with his blend of pop, electro and heartfelt balladry.

ARJAN  WRITES, Named one of the best music blogs by Forbes and also an official community blogger for the Grammy Awards

RICHARD JAY,  one serious pop prodigy at seventeen(!), who’s quite a busy bee in the  studio as he writes, records, produces, and masters his own material.  He’s been floating around the interwebs for some time, garnering the  interest of BBC and thus being featured on a variety  of radio shows. The young aspirant is also taking part in the latest  Converse campaign promoting new talents on the block, to which they  described Richard Jay as a “creative centipede”.

Richard Jay’s music is just the right mix of bright, shimmering synthesizers and deep bass sound that both sounds gorgeous

Richard  is now branching out by himself once again, this time as JENKO and beginning to make his mark by releasing his latest solo track ‘By Your Side’ on the 25th June on all major platforms (i.e. Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music).

Bee Bakare – Waiting To Happen

Bee Bakare is a Nigeria-born British soul singer-songwriter. A charismatic live performer with a deeply-rich warm tone and catchy songs. Blowing away audiences with that big voice and smile, her songs have achieved and continue to achieve local and international radio play including BBC, Premier radio & Cross Rhythms. 

Amongst her achievements include performing at Buckingham palace with Souls of prophecy, featuring Emeli Sande and Idris Elba as benefactors of the Princes trust, and Prince Charles. A crafty songwriter, she was awarded a winner in the Future music UK songwriting contest 2016/2017.

Her known-for feel good charm and eloquence on stage and as live music compère/creator of “Soul Stripped Sessions“, landed her a role as TV Judge in BBC one’s brand new six-part series. A Saturday night primetime show called “All Together Now“. Bee Bakare is one of “the 100” music industry judges, aired 27th January 2018.

Passionate about connecting with people through music, despite starting off different career in the medical industry, she is a keen and ambitious personality with an impressive momentum in her career. For instance, she references covering a wealth of over 350 live performances in 2016/17 alone, including intimate shows as Ronnie Scott’s, Sofar sounds, Legendary Troubadour, festivals as well as concert venues in the UK, Europe & Africa. She is currently on her wider international tour including USA.

‘Brighter’, responsible for her songwriting award, is the title track to her April 2017 EP. The 5-track release contributed to almost 1 million minutes streaming time on Spotify alone for this artist in 2017.

She has also attained the No1 spot on UK R&b/Soul Charts on Reverbnation for Sept 2016 to Feb 2017 and remains in the Top 10 (jan 2018).

Singing and writing from a young age, she cites her songwriting in the early years as poems and simply as a way of “working out emotions”. Growing up listening to R&b, gospel and female acoustic soul singers such as Lauryn Hill, Tracy Chapman and India Arie, she describes these as her main influences that later inspired her to “play guitar and get on the streets busking” whilst she holds the queens of Soul pop, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey responsible for that impressive vocal range.

Hailing from Bath, UK she is currently most active on London’s buzzing live music scene, making a name for herself fronting her all-time sell-out show Soul Stripped Sessions. A 5* rated event known for its upbeat atmosphere and quality of music, it is a known brand in London’s soul scene, priding itself in inspiring creative women, advocating fairness, respect and support for female independent artists.

In her own words, “to be able to say someday that my music has reached the world and positively touched people’s lives would be the dream come true”. 

She describes her most recent release as “upbeat, yet vulnerable and heartfelt songs that take you on an emotional journey”, Listen to Bee Bakare’s Brighter EP. Visit the Official site. Available now in stores.

Bee Bakare began playing at a small Soho club the audience was utterly transfixed. Her richly textured vocals, catchy hooks and fizzing musicality immediately set this young acoustic soul pop singer-songwriter apart” -Cultural Highlights 2016 (Huffington post)

Bee Bakare
Bee Bakare is a Nigeria-born British soul singer-songwriter. A charismatic live performer with a deeply-rich warm tone and catchy songs. Blowing away audiences with that big voice and smile, her songs have achieved and continue to achieve local and international radio play including BBC, Premier radio & Cross Rhythms. 

Faers – Time



“FAERS saw plays on Radio X, BBC Introducing and more and with new single ‘Time’ FAERS are ending a triumphant year, which has seen the band play Y Not Festival amongst other prestigious tastemaker slots, on a massive high. There’s shades of Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Cure all here, this is a big tune. A band to watch out for in 2017” Gig Sluts.

“Faers are creating something that is incredibly on trend at the moment. Perfect for daytime play on the likes of Radio 1 or Radio X, Lust and Youth is a scintillating track that offers a more intense, enigmatic side to a band who are ready for the attention they will, deservedly, start to receive.” – It’s All Indie

“When dreaming on a dull day, Faers are able to take you even further away from reality” Artefact Magazine


(via https://soundcloud.com/shakedownstockholm/whosaysi?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=tumblr) HAKEDOWN STOCKHOLM:
Dual female fronted rock band with not one but two sets of twins! Really? Recently discovered by BBC Introducing and thrust onto their radio station to get airplay, there is something quite unique about rock band Shakedown Stockholm that makes you sit up and take notice. From the Northwest of England, Shakedown Stockholm have been together just over 2 years, they have recently played at the Etihad Stadium on the BT city square stage and were introduced by former The Smiths guitarist ‘Johnny Marr’.Their intuitive togetherness and their distinctive, anthemic rock sound is what the 22nd Century music scene needs. More over this sexy, female fronted rock band is what the UK music scene has been waiting for.
Shakedown Stockholm may be proof there’s got to be something in this ‘twins being psychic thing. The multi – layers of lead vocals from 23 year old twin sisters, Joanna and Davina are beautifully instinctive, melodic and delivered in complete and natural unison . Their blends, push and lead the abrasive rhythm of their memorable tracks delivered with relentless energy by their talented, fellow band members; ‘Harlow’ (Lead Guitar), ‘Hilly’ (Bass) and twin brothers Danny (Guitar) and Ryan (Drums).
Tight and instinctive sexy rock . We’re talking Fleetwood Mac with bigger, beautiful rockin’, 22nd Century balls.
Shakedown Stockholm have caught the attention of The Enemy frontman ‘Tom Clarke’ describing the band as ‘Sh*t Hot’ following a string of mentions/retweets on Twitter about their song ‘Hypocrites’. It wont be long before the rest of the UK and global music industry sit up and take notice.BAND REVIEWS:Shakedown Stockholm review after they were introduced by Johnny Marr at the Etihad Stadium.“Best thing about tonight other than City’s goals?
Seeing the excellent young band SHAKEDOWN STOCKHOLM in City Square. A six piece band from Winsford, Cheshire, featuring two twin sisters with superb vocal powers and songs that took the breath away. Their powerful vocal style and sound are reminiscent of Siouxsie and the Banshees (I’d love to hear them cover Spellbound) amongst others. They literally stopped me in my tracks”
Phil Banerjee’’Slightly psychedelic, completely sexy, dual female-fronted rock band Shakedown Stockholm are making music that’s equally nostalgic as it is refreshing. Their blend of Hendrix-inspired lead guitar and and fuzzy abrasive rhythm makes for compelling listening while the drums carry their songs forward relentlessly. Having two female lead singers in a band is something you don’t often see however this duality really gives their music extra layers of texture unobtainable with a male singer.’ – Taken from ’ Life’s A Beech blog’’Again, another female double fronted Cheshire band, Shakedown Stockholm. Sisters take the front role in synchronised singing and the lads give it a solid background creating that Brit-pop influenced sound. Soft and strong tones were shook together to add that uniqueness to the set. Tracks such as Hypocrites had a clear bass line and indie style riffs which together make that track a notable late 1970s alternative rock track. Lyrics through Let It Be Known were themed and structure in British Oasis style and slightly edging towards the indie pop catchiness. No wonder this 6 piece have been spotted by BBC Introducing Radio in both Stoke and Manchester, their live performance to end is impressive; as the two women leave the stage and hand over the attendance to the lads, energy was brushing off them onto the crowd. – ’ Taken from musicmattertous.com Blog’’I listen to a lot of online radio because I happen to love Indie music. Due to the restrictions placed on traditional radio stations, they aren’t able to put Indie music on their playlists. But if you look around or should I say, listen around a bit, every once in a while you’ll come across a traditional radio show segment that features some of the best Indie music from around the world.
I happened across one of those segments some time ago and you can be guaranteed I’ll be tuned into 106.9 The Wolf, Nanaimo’s best rock, Sunday evenings at six to catch Mike Lang and his segment “Fresh Tracks”. And that’s where I heard Shakedown Stockholm for the first time!
The chemistry is apparent in Shakedown Stockholm as well. Well, perhaps the reason for that is that this band happens to have 2 sets of twins!This female fronted band from the UK is fucking killing it! On first listen, if you didn’t know there are two singers, you’d swear the vocals are digitally layered by a gifted mixer and producer. Fronted by 23 year old sisters Joanna and Davina, these beautiful women have a natural, melodic timing with each other that perhaps we haven’t heard since sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart took the world by storm.
On top of that, they have another set of twins, brothers Danny and Ryan on guitar and drums respectively. Completing the circle and filling the sound is Harlow on lead guitar and Hilly on bass. Together this band has created a fucking kick ass sound that rockers will fucking love! I am definitely a fan! -Taken from Canadian ‘Cat Hennerbury’s’ online music blog.Shakedown Stockholm have had radio play of their songs ‘The Kill’ & ‘Peace’ on BBC Introducing Manchester & BBC Introducing Stoke, and they have been featured on live BBC Introducing shows in the Northwest. They have recently played at the Etihad Stadium and were introduced on stage by former The Smiths guitarist ‘Johnny Marr’.They have had numerous plays on online radio stations in Cornwall, ‘WolF Radio’ in and Canada and ‘The Kill’ has been played on ‘KYBD’ an online radio station in California.
Past support slots include ‘JJ Rosa’ ( signed to Warner Bros records) at the Full Moon in stoke, They supported Liverpool band ‘The Sundowners’ in Manchester recently , who played at Glastonbury Festival 2012. Local Newspapers have taken a massive interest in this band with reviews, interviews and pre-gig information. This has led to the band accumulating a dedicated fan base in their local area.
The Bands first EP VIVA which included tracks ‘Hypocrites, Let It Be Known, Viva, Blue Eyes’ on May 5th 2013 with local radio airplay of the EP, local newspapers featured the band interviews and over 250 people attended this Launch which was held at De bees Music Bar.