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Natt F. – ART (RIP)

Is art almost dead? 23 year old Vegas based Alternative-Pop artist Natt F explores the twisted notion with her latest head-bopping single: “ART (RIP)”. Crafted under her staircase, this flurry of Electro-pop, tropical house & alternative elements hits. Hard. The track proves to be an experiment in auditory alchemy a prime example of the subtle yet disruptive force that is Natt F. With nothing more than a pen, a mic, a retired guitar & an outdated version of Garageband, she’s cranking out big sounds in hopes of igniting a social revolution in a time when Instagram followers can seem to deem one’s value.

Natt has proven herself to be one of few soldiers raging on in the modern war against falsified glamour, digital distractions, & social pressure. With vocal stylings compared to the likes of Santigold, Billie Eilish & Phantogram‘s Sarah Barthel, she manages to walk a lyrical path riddled with blunt truths much like her older inspirations: Thom Yorke & Phil Collins. Minus the always present rhythmic easter eggs nodding to her Caribbean roots, every song is a different blend of unique mechanics, musical styles, & jarring lyrics that create a larger poetic picture. “Filters define my face, A selfie away from a social grave.” Just one of the many macabré ideas explored in Natt’s “Digital Spell” released September of 2019. But what does all of this mean? Well, Its quite clear that she is already proving herself to be something of an acquired taste. Nonetheless, there is no denying that her weighted words & intoxicating sounds have started to ring in the ears of those who listen closely. As supporters eagerly await the release of her 4th single “We’re All Mad Here” early 2020, they have no clue what to expect. They rest in the certainty of knowing that whatever this one-woman-show is creating will burrow into the ears & bring us all one step closer to fulfilling her ever important mantra: Listen. Disconnect.


“Jordan Prince is an indie singer/songwriter based out of New Orleans, LA. He has played for the national independent arts organization RAW: Natural Born Artists, along with the Louisiana-based television program LA South, and just recently for the international video series for musicians, Balcony TV, where he won the Global Rumble twice in a row (besting such artists as Edward Sharpe, Deer Tick, and Brendan Benson) and was the first artist to perform on the freshly launched New Orleans edition.

Jordan has been recording and playing music for 6 years and has self-released 3 full-length albums. On his last festival run through Southern Germany, he sold 50 albums in 2 hours after one performance, breaking the festival record for touring artists.He has also written music for 7 short films based out of New Orleans, most of which have gained significant acclaim. His appearance on Consequence of Sound is to debut this year.






Twitter- @jprincetunes

Instagram – @jordanprince

www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0PztI8_Brw – Never the Same Way
www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESOYL_YtmJM – What I’m Here For
www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkbB-9D0Irg – This is Me