(Swim Season Music)

Forming in June, 2014, this 5 piece quickly made a name for themselves playing as many shows as they could squeeze into those early days of their career. It was in the second half of 2015 that all that hard work started to pay off. Following the release of Soldiers, the debut single off their EP, ‘Cascades,’ the band found themselves front and centre of a number of conversations with industry people around the world.

Swim Season write remarkably mature pop for a band so new to the industry, they focus on sounds that are bright and fun, combining them with lyrics that are as catchy as they are deliberate. With 5 members coming from 5 diverse musical backgrounds, the band are constantly introducing new ideas, allowing them to see past what a specific genre might dictate and into a space that focuses on one outcome; making great music.

With the new year under way Swim Season are kicking things off with a heap of momentum and with some exciting announcements. Coming in March will be the release of the bands follow up single ‘Gold Cloak City’ and a run of very select dates to coincide with that release.

With all that, sell-out home town shows and even more music up their sleeve for 2016; it’s easy to see why the team is excited for what’s next…