Simply Beats & Bass.. Enjoy the set and enjoy life

Maya K 2014 ©

Maya K is a DJ and producer. Growing up in the North of England has its advantages, such as the freedom of being diverse and not having to conform to the status quo.

At a very young age Maya was musical, having a particular penchant for a guitar owned by an uncle that played in a band. So much so that her parents bought a keyboard to act as a distraction. She started learning the Keyboard in the early years of life and used music as a way to find confidence and build aspirations. However, her first real love for Music fully blossomed when she was around 14, writing songs, also singing and rapping. Listening now you would not think that at a stage Maya’s biggest influence was Eminem. Whilst growing up she was heavily influenced by her parents record collections but also mainstream genres such as Hip-Hop and R&B. Some of these influences are heard in her production today.

Things only really started to take off when Maya K began producing records in her bedroom and DJing. Creating sounds that span the breadth of House and Dance. Maya’s weapons of choice include Ableton Live and Logic as well as Traktor, but like most Fruity Loops was the epicentre.

This girl has a long and exciting career ahead of her. Maya K is definitely one to watch out for this year !