(Rainbow Shark)


“Balearic beats, vibes and sounds from acts like The Beloved and Happy Mondays blend with 2016 sensibilities” (Record of the Day)

“This is smart, sensitive pop music with a 3am club twist.” (The Blue Walrus)

“Any band who can give you the lucid feeling of dreaming that you’re submerged underwater is alright in our books” (The Abacus Post)

“From post trip hop drone pop to minimal electro and piano//glitch fest doom ballads, Rainbow Shark clearly have a lot going for them” (The405)

”Choppy basslines and sleek vocals that simmer like sweet runny caramel” (The Blue Walrus)

Rainbow Shark are a London-based electronic duo, comprisingJack Levy and Bill Wright.

Starting out in Levy’s back room in Manchester, Wright joined the setup when the increasingly intricate live performances demanded another pair of hands.

They soon brought the back room with them and followed the rainbow brick road to London, in search of stickier floors, bigger doormen, and louder 808s.

With new releases and live dates imminent, the future is colourful.