Recorded at Dean Street Studios
Produced by Ben Robbins & Chris Smallwood
(Precise Master)

Follow the Rhythm – Single released 30th April 2012

Produced by Ben Robbins at Dean Street Studios

Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering

Buzzy guitars, loops, synth, tight drums and sweet vocals transport you from reality to a fairytale world where everything is colourful if a little distorted!

A 3 Piece from the South coast of England. Arp Attack are made up of:

Frankie Murdoch – Grew up in West London and moved down south be closer to sea and study at Audio Technology. She likes to dance like a silly, take pictures and sing songs as well as finding the most exciting new music.

Chris Smallwood – From a small town in the Midlands moved south to escape the quiet country life. An avid gig goer, film fanatic and comedy eccentric as well as a wizz on the guitar and synths.

Kevin Jones – Born and bred down South, musically educated in the East. A fan of theatre and timeless rock but a weird and wonderful indie kid at heart. He bangs the drums. Hard

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Sonata Kay is a London-based singer-songwriter that devotes the time perfecting her own style and co-operating with musicians and producers of multiple genres.
She combines her influences from the world of soul with a straightforward quality of pop-music paying a lot of attention to lyrical depth.

Simply Beats & Bass.. Enjoy the set and enjoy life

Maya K 2014 ©

Maya K is a DJ and producer. Growing up in the North of England has its advantages, such as the freedom of being diverse and not having to conform to the status quo.

At a very young age Maya was musical, having a particular penchant for a guitar owned by an uncle that played in a band. So much so that her parents bought a keyboard to act as a distraction. She started learning the Keyboard in the early years of life and used music as a way to find confidence and build aspirations. However, her first real love for Music fully blossomed when she was around 14, writing songs, also singing and rapping. Listening now you would not think that at a stage Maya’s biggest influence was Eminem. Whilst growing up she was heavily influenced by her parents record collections but also mainstream genres such as Hip-Hop and R&B. Some of these influences are heard in her production today.

Things only really started to take off when Maya K began producing records in her bedroom and DJing. Creating sounds that span the breadth of House and Dance. Maya’s weapons of choice include Ableton Live and Logic as well as Traktor, but like most Fruity Loops was the epicentre.

This girl has a long and exciting career ahead of her. Maya K is definitely one to watch out for this year !

VIP of my release on Flexout last year…..out now 🙂

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Vocals written and performed by Antranita

In the Nineties & Noughties the Brothers Grinn released various tracks under the names Dub-c and Uluvit on various labels, one example being Subfunk Records. They held a few residences most notably GARAGE NATION for Kent venues. As the garage scene dispersed they found themselves drawn to the Electro house scene, House wasn’t a word they were normally comfortable with but similarities between Electro’s bouncy bass-line rhythms and the old garage bounce were drawing them in. Holding Events in Kent such as Elecatech , they didn’t have much time for production….but , as the scene became more minimal and reminded them of the old repetitive house tracks of days gone by they turned their hand to producing again but this time they were trying to incorporate all that they loved about Rave, Jungle, Hardcore, Garage, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass and…Electro. The result is nice !! They have just recently started their own record label ‘Luvdub Records’ to release their material and are looking for local artists of a similar sound to release and unleash

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UK National Busking finalist, Eden Billy Simpson kick started a career in music by becoming ‘Haringey’s Hearts Factor Winner’ at just 19. After making waves on the underground indie scene and headlining venues around the UK, his self released solo treat, ‘Acoustic Vol.1’, promises all the hooks and punchy choruses you’d expect from any great record. From gracing the stage of the Excel Centre, to performing alongside the likes of Ed Sheeran on London’s acoustic ‘unsigned scene’, his honest songwriting has captivated many. Memorable and sometimes provocative songs offer audiences a refreshing urban perspective whilst maintaining enough infectious pop riffs to please the radio listener. For the latest on Eden, check out