nodisco – Moonlight In My Bedroom

nodisco. couldn’t decide if he wanted to be the next Morrissey or Max Martin. It’s troubling when you’d like to make a Smiths track, as well as perhaps the next Katy Perry single.

Regardless of influence, nodisco. fixates on creating the perfect pop song, crafting verse melodies, choruses and bridges until they settle the neurotic voice in his head that says he hasn’t quite made them perfect enough yet.

Slyly balancing his deeply personal and honest lyricism with his undeniable pop sensibilities, he creates records that are very much his own.

Records need to sound big, no matter what era, artists or life event inspires. A devout listeners of everyone from N’Sync to Depeche Mode, nodisco. is a music consumer that wants to show off his record collection to the world.

You’ll find new jack swing, boy band pop, post-punk, bossa nova and more within these songs, and nodisco. wouldn’t have it any other way. With so many ways to consume and so many styles to draw from, nodisco. wants to be a pop artist that no one can quite define.