MaVe, alias Marita Vestad, is an electronica artist originating from the small village of Ringebu, Norway. In 2014, “MaVe” was established together with producer Are Næsset, and the duo releases melancholic electronic pop music influenced by James Blake, Emilie Nicolas and Sia. MaVe has been described as “assertive and fearless”(Ole Grauphaugen, head of Rondaståk Festival(NO)); with an uncompromising live show and a distinctive, powerful vocal performance.

MaVe has, over the past two years, independently released multiple singles and music videos, which has led to gigs and support slots both in the UK and Norway. The list includes acts such as BIGBANG(NO), AMBER RUN(UK), FRØDER(NO), MARIANN ROSA(NO), as well as the French electronica artist OWLLE in a sold out Sebright Arms in London. 26th of February 2016 she released her debut EP “Overload” followed by a Norway/UK tour.

20th February || Tromsa Live, Fåvang (NO)

18th March || Samfunnet Bislett, Oslo (NO)

25th March || O2 Academy Islington, London

30th March || NRK Innlandscenen (NO)

1st April || Threshold Festival, Liverpool

17th/18th June|| Rondaståk (NO)


I Sleep Alone (2014)

Monster (2014)

Feed My Hunger (2014)

Unforgettable Love (2015)

Our Love (2015)

Overload EP (2016)

”Our Love” was released 12th of November 2015 with premiere on “Radio P1 Hedmark and Oppland” and was listed in ”Norsk På Spotify’s” Electronica List and Buzz list. This was the first track from her debut EP ”Overload” that was released 26th of February 2016 with premiere at GAFFA.no, features on blogs like NordicMusicReview, DiamondDeposits and PopMag .  Links to the EP:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1QJXmvs
iTunes: apple.co/1S5qkoN
Tidal: tidal.com/album/56727173
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1pboszv

The EP consists of 5 tracks produced by Are Næsset.

“The tracklist on this EP consists of songs written in the moment. From “I Go Wild”, a ballad about letting go from your own psychological barriers and just don ́t give a f***, to the title track “Overload”, in which I wrote in frustration over how people tend to just portray their “perfect everyday life”. A “reality” where everything is flawless, where they pretend and portray themselves as the world ́s happiest individual, day in and day out. BUT, deep inside, no one can see that you in fact have dark struggles of your own that you conceal and carry with you wherever you go. You fight these battles within yourself and never let them see the light of day. It is bound to one day build up to the breaking point and crack the bubble you ́ve created.”

– Marita Vestad (MaVe)

“Great melodies, sophisticated lyrics, gripping songs with a hint of experimental, complimented by the outstanding voice of MaVe. A daring act unafraid to set themselves apart by the unique arrangements, direct vocals and sometimes dark subject matter. MaVe’s songs are strangely addictive and a gorgeous complex trip, not just aesthetically but emotionally”

– Jar Live