(Madison Malone Music)

  • Soul-Pop/Singer-Songwriter, Madison Malone grew up in the agricultural & historical city of Portage, Wisconsin. With a 40-minute drive to the state’s capital, Madison’s exposure to music consisted of what her parents played on their boom-box and what she watched on TV. Luckily for Madison, her parents & relatives had great taste in legendary bands. Madison actually learned how to read by singing along to the lyric booklets of Greats such as The Beatles, Sarah McLachlan, Indigo Girls, Bruce Springsteen, Shawn Colvin, and Warren Zevon. It is from this young age where her appreciation for music emerged and led her to start piano lessons the same day she started Kindergarten. Her childhood was filled with visits to Madison & trips around the world where she was exposed to many different cultures & ways of living. These excursions have inspired her song-writing style & outlook on life.

    As she approached her middle school years, Madison was more interested in radio hits than learning classical music; this made her decide to stop lessons. It was at this crucial point where at 12 years of age, Madison had the uninhibited inspiration to start venturing through her thoughts, putting pen to paper, and composing songs in the privacy of her bedroom.

    As Madison became a freshman at Portage High School she got involved with every musical & choir group that she could. It was at this time where she chose to try and make some sort of living off of music by dedicating a couple days each month to performing throughout Wisconsin. She found that by creating & sharing music, one is able to change the world one positive note at a time.

    As Madison progressed through high school, she built up her musical resume & experience on the stage. Outside of her casual gigging each month, Madison also taught herself guitar, collaborated with local artists, auditioned for American Idol, & was the lead, Maria, in her school’s rendition of the Sound of Music. All of these incredible experiences made Madison think about what she wanted to do with her future in terms of schooling and music. She made the ultimate decision to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    In the fall of 2012, Madison started attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she began double majoring in Spanish & Social-Work. As she made the move to Madison, she had the ability to expand her listening audience, exposure, & artist collaboration on the Madison music scene. Although she was a full-time student, she became a member of the UW’s co-ed A cappella group, Redefined, she continued to gig throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, Colorado, & she recorded an EP and full-length album. During this time, Madison also became a teacher at Madison’s Girls Rock Camp in order to spread the positivity and education of music & self-empowerment throughout her community! In the spring of 2015, Madison released her first full-length album titled, LIMINAL. At this time she was nominated as a finalist for New Artist of the Year & Pop/R&B Album of the Year for her EP at the 2015 Madison Area Music Association Awards (MAMAs). That summer of 2015, Madison became a member of the Grammy’s Recording Academy & owner of E.M.H. Publishing House.

    As Madison approached the fall of 2015, she weighed all of her options in what she wanted to do for her musical future. She reached the resolution to take time off from what would be her senior year at UW-Madison. She is using this time to fully immerse herself in the nation’s music scene with tours to Chicago, Denver, Nashville, Los Angeles & Kansas City in hopes that she will continue to spread feel-good vibes while meeting more incredible musicians along the way.

    The 21-year old believes that music is one of the few mediums in which almost all humans can relate. Whether it be the rhythm, the sound waves, lyrics, the movements of the musician, or just the brilliance & comfort it produces while being performed, music can connect the world on some sort of common ground. Madison has a driven passion to use & create music in her community and the world in order to inspire those that she crosses paths with. She wishes to show others that music can be this incredible, spellbinding outlet where we can escape and turn all of our aspirations into reality.

  • 2016 MAMA Winner for Pop/R&B Album of the Year for LIMINAL

    2016 MAMA Winner for Pop/R&B Performer of the Year