HIPS is a collaboration between LA-based musicians Christina Gaillard and Drew Denny. Christina plays drums and produces for many of LA’s favorite indie and dance music projects, and Drew has performed in diverse bands ranging from noise to pop. The duo met while performing and touring in post-punk outfit BONBON. Since then they have been honing in on a new sound – one closer to Christina’s roots in r&b, funk and soul (she’s the granddaughter of eccentric jazz icon Slim Gaillard and the niece of Marvin Gaye). HIPS incorporates innovative dance beats, heavy bass melodies, and throwback synth sounds with lush vocal harmonies. Both women write and sing on every track, trading leads and harmonies according to the needs of the song. Christina produces all HIPS recordings from her home studio in Highland Park, LA, with Drew writing lyrics and melodies. Unlike most bands performing within this genre, HIPS play all parts live.