Hand Drawn Maps – Black Beach

(Hand Drawn Maps)


Hand Drawn Maps is a local LA based independent rock band. These musical artists have really found their niche bringing a distinct mix of Indie-pop and surf rock to the local scene. Bassist Greg Schwartz, is from a far off distant land called Texarkana. Percussionist Mercedes Cruz is from Minnesota, where they actually have seasons and not just summer all year long. Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter Stewart James was born and raised In Manhattan Beach in the suburbs of LA. This is where the “Beach Music” influence comes from. Its hard not to be inspired when you grow up a few blocks from the beautiful ocean. As soon as they met in Los Angeles and stepped into that rehearsal space, they never left. “We are just 3 people who found a common bond in the music, and I don’t think any of us would ever change that” said guitarist Stewart James. Please connect with us and keep an eye out for the new EP coming soon!!! While your at it, go check out our brand new single, Kites on soundcloud.com/handdrawnmapsofficial