Follow the Rhythm – Single released 30th April 2012

Produced by Ben Robbins at Dean Street Studios

Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering

Buzzy guitars, loops, synth, tight drums and sweet vocals transport you from reality to a fairytale world where everything is colourful if a little distorted!

A 3 Piece from the South coast of England. Arp Attack are made up of:

Frankie Murdoch – Grew up in West London and moved down south be closer to sea and study at Audio Technology. She likes to dance like a silly, take pictures and sing songs as well as finding the most exciting new music.

Chris Smallwood – From a small town in the Midlands moved south to escape the quiet country life. An avid gig goer, film fanatic and comedy eccentric as well as a wizz on the guitar and synths.

Kevin Jones – Born and bred down South, musically educated in the East. A fan of theatre and timeless rock but a weird and wonderful indie kid at heart. He bangs the drums. Hard