Esty – Cathartic


Providence raised, Dominican R&B/soul singer-songwriter and guitarist Esty ​has just released her second record as of earlier this month. She is renowned for her soft angelic tone, addictive melodies and timeless vocal. A vocalist with a vibrant, yet soulful sound Esty has been making her mark on the music scene over the past 4 years. Esty strikes a fine balance with her musical sound, finding the perfect equilibrium between R&B and Soul vocal with her catchy signature melodies. She has drawn comparisons to artists such as Sade, Tracey Chapman and The Weeknd as a high quality vocalist and an artist in her own right. She’s co-written and featured songs for Chris Brown, as well as collaborated on various tracks with Tyga. Through her new EP Cathartic, she has taken a new direction and emerged into a sound described as sophisticated, raw, heartfelt and mesmerizing.

How did it all start?
“I started out printing the lyrics of my favorite songs at the time and learning them so I could perform them at family gatherings. All the kids were put in one room while the adults cooked and hung out in the living room/kitchen. My sisters and cousins were my first audience. I signed up for Providence’s All City Orchestra and played violin and drums at age 12. When I was about 13, I was told by my school counselor that there was a Performing Arts Camp in the summer she thought I would be interested in. It was a ten day camp fully backed by Britney Spears at the time and all I had to do was write a letter explaining why I wanted to be a part of her camp. Only 250 kids were to be chosen for this camp and I ended up being one of them for 3 summers. My life was never the same after that. It solidified for me that this was what I was meant to do. At 16, I bought my first acoustic guitar and wrote my first song. During High School I knew I wanted to go to Berklee College of Music, but my grades weren’t up to par so that didn’t happen. After I graduated H.S. I moved to Los Angeles with $400 and slept on my friend’s couch til I could find a job. At 20 I attended The Musician’s Institute in Hollywood for a little and PA’d for an artist signed to Atlantic Records at the time. Originally, I was auditioning for her band (backup vocals) but ended up being her personal assistant and touring America with her so I got to see the work that went on in the background. In 2014, I self-released an EP called Darkroom which featured Tyga and appeared on the Fan of a Fan album with both Chris brown and Tyga. Later in 2016 by then I had written dozens of songs on guitar and learned to compose/produce music on Logic. The year of 2017 was spent writing and recording the songs for my newly released 8-song project called ‘Cathartic’.”

Which artists inspire you?

“The ones who are unapologetically and passionately themselves. I’m inspired by the artists that wreak of authenticity. Tracy Chapman, Billie Holiday, Al Green, Selena Quintanilla, Sade, Miles Davis to name a few, inspire me. Most recently I’ve been inspired by Moses Sumney.”

How would you describe your sound?
“Soul/Pop/R&B Rhythmic, mellow, ethereal, blissful, bold, lush, mesmerizing, heartfelt, and sophisticated.

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Esty Leone better known as “Esty” is a 23 year old singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer an exciting emerging artist coming straight out of Providence, Rhode Island, who is renowned for her soft angelic tone, addictive melodies and timeless vocal