Druzy, a left of center electronic pop duo, consists of Brianna Conroy and Luc Alexiades. Hailing from the same hometown in Los Angeles, the two didn’t meet until they were on the opposite coast attending Berklee College of Music. After discovering their artistic compatibility, they moved back to LA with a vision to combine Conroys’ sultry vocals with Alexiades’ creatively unique sound design. The two genre benders like to pull influence from psychedelic rock (Tame Impala, MGMT) and 21st century disco (Mark Ronson, AAA Aardvark Getdown Services) and mix it with mesmerizing melodies and carefully crafted pop production. Druzy has a sound that is both accessible and forward thinking.

On March 21st Druzy released their debut EP, Violet & Vacant. It gained traction from multiple blogs and hype-machine. Their sophomore EP, Slow Down, was distributed with EDM.com in October and received over 120k Soundcloud plays. Early 2016 is full of live performances as well as new releases.