As a master atmosphere builder, Cliftonia presents emotive electronic music. His strength lies in his incredible versatility, where he traverses a diverse blend of tracks and mixes through a variety of styles and genres. Clifton seamlessly manoeuvres between clubs and bars as the ultimate ambience enhancer.

Clifton’s unique sound is stylised in an array of flawless melodies and meters where a magnetic bassline remains the fundamental foundation to his sets. His skills at building a festival, event or venue’s character and dancefloors during his sets are renowned, where he is a regular behind the CDJs for the drinking and dancing circuit.

Surrounded by a blanket of music through his growing years, it was inevitable that sounds would be a part of the Clifton destiny. Already a big fan of music, he was embraced by instrumentalists, but particularly inspired to take on the wheels of steel after seeing the wave of electronica artists such as Boyznoise, Justice, Justin Martin, Claude Vonstroke, Jesse Rose in 2008.

After a self-taught stint on drums to reinforce his aptitude for beats and meters, Clifton was then inspired to jump into the studio to create his own productions. Clifton continues to shape his sounds in the studio or on the dancefloor, while remaining an adaptable artist for his audiences. It is the enjoyment of listening to sound and the emotion that comes with hearing great music that continues to propel him as a multifaceted DJ committed to producing and presenting premium melodies and beats for the listener’s enlightened and stimulating journey.

An impressive schedule including Alfred & Constance, Capulet, Family, Griffith Uni Bar, Laruche, Limes, Prohibition, Soho Sundays, Soliel Pool Bar, Woolly Mammoth and many more feature spots throughout Brisbane.