(Clara Mae)


There’s a little slice of Garbo in Clara Mae«s character. A little cool grace and mystery mixed with that warmth and truly passionate caring personality.
The star in the making is set to burn brighter than ever in coming months when she preparing to launch her new song “Strip” online.

“Strip” is a cool song, dancing on the line between electro, indie and pop, backed by an explosive chic production and some memorable melodies. Clara«s sense for hooks is cutting and sublime. “Strip” proves she«s ready to bring new life into the indie genre.

Clara about the song: “For me strip is about when two heart breaks and what we become after that. It’s about the surface we so easily put on to feel better and to hurt one another.”

Clara Mae is a powerful voice in every feature. Clara«s energy and charisma strikes you as one of a kind and now she is ready to share her personal sound and the first taste is “Strip”, which is to be followed by yet another couple of new songs in the coming months.

There«s also soon to be announced Clara Mae features coming up from some highly exciting international EDM artists, songs that Clara been part of writing and furthermore showcase her unique ID.