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California based rapper Big Toks shared a new music video for his hit single “Never Slackin.” The new track sees Big Toks delivering his flawless rap as his artistry reflects a unique pen style that compliments the flow of any beat he chooses. “Never Slackin” has its own vibe, and the music video for the single perfectly reflects the mood and style of Big Toks.

Big Toks explains inspiration, and meaning behind his single “The Song is called Never Slackin – because no matter how I show up I am not slacking in any way. I put the work in to be who I am, I am talking about real stuff in my life and my lifestyle. This song is first song on Coupe Etiquette which is my debut album. And Coupe Etiquette is again apart of the lifestyle. I drive a coupe and I think it’s dope AF! This was a goal of mine at a point I made happen. But beyond that when driving a coupe maneuvering in and out of it, knowing how to use the features, the patience it takes, but the trade off you get in performance, it takes a certain etiquette to understand and appreciate that. That’s what Coupe Etiquette is to me, it’s a hella dope vehicle, and once you get in you’ll understand why this “ride” is so dope.”

Make sure to stream Big Toks’ new track “Never Slackin” on Spotify, and check out the music video below: