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(MAY (Official))

MAY is an Afro American/German singer, songwriter and composer. She was born in Bad Nauheim, Germany and raised in Eupen, Belgium. She first entered the music industry with the release of her EP ‘This Is Pure’ (2014).

In the beginning of 2015 she was featured on Twit One’s Album ‘The Sit In’ (via Melting Pot Music) and Robot Koch’s EP ‘Tsuki’ (via Monkeytown Records).
Later that year, Damiano von Erckert featured her on his Album ‘Also Known As Good’


GHITA was born in Morocco in 1994 to a Spanish-Moroccan mother and a Moroccan father. She grew up between Spain, Morocco and Switzerland, where she was exposed to contrasting worlds. Following high-school, Ghita moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, where she spent three years studying songwriting and performance. Her first show as “Ghita” was June 2015, serving as the opening act for Maroon 5 during the Mawazine Festival in Morocco. Ghita’s musical influences include pop icons like Lorde, Lana del Rey, the Weekend and rappers like DRAKE, KANYE, J COLE. She describes her style as pop/Rnb rooted in the catchiness of her choruses, all the while adapting an r’n’b feel to her verses and beats. Ghita also enjoys representing her Moroccan heritage through the use of percussions and exotic samples. Currently, the young Mediterranean singer is residing in Los Angeles where she is working on her new music set to be released summer 2016.

(Booyah Riot)

Three dudes from Miami that aspire to become professional Koala tamers. Until then, we pass the time pushing buttons, pressing keys and turning knobs to make sounds & stuff. Whatever.

(Macy Todd)

An up-and-coming singer/songwriter with a fresh yet classic sensibility, Macy Todd creates lush pop music that transcends both genre and time.