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Seaker – After I’m Gone


Seaker is the work of North-London dweller Kiran Hungin. Living in the city, but usually influenced by nature and its vast grip on the man-made world, Kiran creates songs in her home-studio in an attempt to connect.


Madeleine – Tantrum


Independent artist Madeleine (pronounced MAD-len) is a singer-songwriter based out of Nashville, TN. Original and fearless, her poise and confidence on stage is more associated with veterans who have decades of experience.

Not one to sit idly by, the Connecticut native balances writing and recording while attending university full time. She performs at many local venues, recently completed a summer tour spanning from Tennessee to Connecticut and back, and was a headliner at Riverfest in Clarksville, TN.

Her debut LP “Postcards” was recorded in a small home stdio where she had a hand in writing, playing, producing and engineering the album.

“Postcards” was released on May 6th 2016.


Bare Traps – All In You

(Bare Traps)

In a desperate attempt to avoid ‘real work’ – and in one individual’s case, to avoid capture – the four members of Bare Traps dragged their sorry arses to university from various parts of England. Not deemed ‘hip’ enough to live in any of the cool parts of London, they were resigned to Harrow at the end of the ‘BakerPoo’ line. Founding members, Luke and Scott, were brought together through a mutual appreciation of tea and disco biscuits. At the end of 2014 they made the joint decision to become rock stars and have been living that delusion ever since. At the end of 2016 the inordinate amount of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll just became too boring for the other two former members of the band, so they decided to quit the celebrity lifestyle in favour of something far more cool – paying mortgages. Fortunately, friends, Sam and Liam were on hand to swiftly take up their mantle as international indie sensations. Bare Traps are unabashedly out to make pop music catchier than the clap and are hell-bent on infecting everybody.


Tracy Irve – Keep Me Close

(Tracy Irve)

The siblings from Gothenburg, Linnea and Alexander Herlogsson are the kingpins behind the duo, Tracy Irve. The duo’s earlier work has consisted of creating movie soundtracks. On these soundtracks the duo collaborated with the producer Jahlil Beats and R&B artist Marques Houston.


Missy Mcanulty – Power Of The Mind


Though she be but little she is fierce’- William Shakespeare

Though she be but little there is no mistaking Missys herculean sound. Missy, an MTV accredited artist, has belted her soulful sounds in music venues around the globe from Broadway N.Y.C to The 02 Academy Islington.

Missy is a professionally trained vocalist with a huge vocal range. She has been influenced by contrasting female artists such as Lauryn Hill, Gwen Stephani and Debbie Harry. Her vocals contain elements of soul and r n b, yet punk influences have evolved Missy’s vocals into a unique, powerful and edgy sound.

Missy’s on-stage presence has been described as ‘Fierce.’ Being only 4ft 11 inches tall, her matriarch nature takes everyone by surprise.

“Incredible female vocalist. When you look at her on stage, she quite short, she’s quite petite. Then all of a sudden she starts singing and it’s like wow. Wow.”- Matt Graveling, Best of British Radio.

An Edinburgh Native, Missy began her love for music and theatre at a young age. Growing up in the heart of “The Edinburgh Fringe Festival”, surrounded with artistic inspiration, her dream was to pursue a career in the Arts. At the age of 18 Missy landed a competitive place at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York City. Living in New York, during her time at AADA, she studied method acting and vocal training.

Immersed in the artistic process, studying and writing original material, she took time out to seek opportunities to practice her soul infused vocals outside of The Academy, and has gigged at top Manhattan music venues such as the Iguana Jazz Club Broadway NYC. Throughout her years in New York she performed both original and cover tracks to showcase her skills and experiment with different genres.

After graduating, Missy chose to further her career where her heart lies; in London. A close friend led her to London musician Anthony Mensah, founder of State of Play, in order to write and perform material in London.

The eclectic London based group have took to the stage in venues such as Camden Barfly, Hootenannys Brixton, The Garage downstairs, 02 Academy Islington, The 100 Club and Jazz Café Camden.

Missy’s passion for music and people has given her the hunger and drive to work and learn from as many musicians through her musical journey. With her own youtube channel now up and running ,she will showcase her vocals through regular uploads, of her own original material and artist collaboration, bringing you more and new and exciting creations in the pipeline.

Now solo, she has written her first ever solo track named ‘Soar’, which launched on August 27th 2016.

‘Soar’, is a drum and bass power anthem which serves the purpose of empowering all of us who have an ambition and goal! It acts as a motivational track, reminding us to think up when our dreams seem far away!

The music video for ‘Soar’, was written by Missy and co produced alongside three film companies Beyond illusion Pictures, Sublime Universal and Digital Mass. The video launched on the 11th of September 2016, conveying the day in a life of an artist in London and the sacrifices they have to make in a career and personal level.

Reece Jacob – You Wrote The Book

(Reece Jacob)

Homegrown soulful folk music. Think Bon Iver meets Jeff Buckley. I produce and record my music from my home in Leeds, playing in almost all of the parts myself as well as enlisting the help of some talented friends.


Five Tail Fox – Lanterns

(Five Tail Fox)

Five Tail Fox. Five piece Alternative rock band from Bristol boasting huge potential. Blending haunting vocals with expressive riffs and musicianship, Five Tail Fox are a unique take on today’s music scene. Forming a bridge between Rock and Indie, the five piece strive to shake up the industry with songs such as Lioness and Springbok. Their 2nd EP ‘Lanterns’ was released this year and has garnered great attention from listeners and venues. They have played alongside the likes of JPNSGRLS, Allusondrugs, Press to Meco and BRIDGES to name just a few. The band hope to carry on this trend and continue to branch out across the UK making new fans as they go.


Cloudy Galvez – Discrepancy

(Cloudy Galvez)

Cloudy is an up-and-coming artist pioneering the introduction of a new sound: progressive soul with a touch of pop. Whether accompanied by drums and bass, or solo, Cloudy delivers a captivating continuous mix of original material, packed with push-and-pull, catchy hooks and beautiful melodies designed to catch your attention and stay in your head for days.