Gabi Du Plessis – Not Looking For Love

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, 19-year-old singer/songwriter & producer Gabi du Plessis has consistently been creating & releasing music independently since leaving Idols South Africa after reaching the Top-16 at age 16 in 2017.

 Her taste in music, which includes electronic alternative and dance-pop music is evident when noting her influences such as Banks, Tove Lo & Lykke Li.

Gabi du Plessis has an inherent musical ability and intuitive gift to translate her emotions into beautiful and visual stories within her songwriting, which has been an ever-growing journey since sitting down at the piano at the ripe age of 14.

With her sights set on having her lyrics & melodies heard by the world, there is still much to accomplish – however she has just begun. In 2018, Gabi’s debut feature single “Can’t Sleep Alone” debuted on her cities’ top radio charts such as the KFM Coke Top 40 and the Heart CTM Top 40.  Gabi has also gone on to pen number one radio hits for multiple South African artists.

Her upcoming release “Not Looking for Love” (February 14, 2020) expresses her musical growth and maturity as both a songwriter and producer on the track. Starting the writing on piano, “Not Looking for Love” started as a pop-ballad. In collaboration with producers Reece Le Roux and Hendrik Joerges, the track was turned from pop-ballad to an upbeat, electro-pop banger!

‘Not Looking for Love’ is all about making damn bad decisions, but at the end of the day, feeling comfortable within them – a somewhat anti-love song releasing ironically on Valentines day. 

The “Not Looking for Love” lyric video was shot around her beautiful cities’ landmark, the V&A Waterfront. The city has always inspired her music, and continues to do so in her unreleased material.

Gabi is set to release multiple exciting singles coming the duration of 2020.

nodisco – Moonlight In My Bedroom

nodisco. couldn’t decide if he wanted to be the next Morrissey or Max Martin. It’s troubling when you’d like to make a Smiths track, as well as perhaps the next Katy Perry single.

Regardless of influence, nodisco. fixates on creating the perfect pop song, crafting verse melodies, choruses and bridges until they settle the neurotic voice in his head that says he hasn’t quite made them perfect enough yet.

Slyly balancing his deeply personal and honest lyricism with his undeniable pop sensibilities, he creates records that are very much his own.

Records need to sound big, no matter what era, artists or life event inspires. A devout listeners of everyone from N’Sync to Depeche Mode, nodisco. is a music consumer that wants to show off his record collection to the world.

You’ll find new jack swing, boy band pop, post-punk, bossa nova and more within these songs, and nodisco. wouldn’t have it any other way. With so many ways to consume and so many styles to draw from, nodisco. wants to be a pop artist that no one can quite define.

Emmanuel Franco – Do Me Like A Drug

From Portland, Oregon, Emmanuel Franco is a rising musiciansinger, songwriter, and instrumentalist. Inspired from an early age by John Mayer, Jeff Buckley and Elvis. Emmanuel left Portland in 2014 to pursue his dreams of becoming a musician. He spent time in Hawaii connecting with himself and his music before making his way to Los Angeles.

Jamie Lane – EZ

Australian artist Jamie Lane is kicking off the new year with a funky new electrohouse treat called ‘EZ’, and it’s sure to push a few groove buttons.

Back in June 2019 Jamie Lane gave us his very impressive debut ep “Minimal Haze”, which featured five stunning examples of this artist’s unique sound and innate song-writing abilities, and lucky for us he was just getting warmed up!

Fans of Ross From Friends, Baltra and Sampha are going to connect with ‘EZ’ quite easily (pun intended), and for those who are new to all (or some) of those names I say welcome, you can thank us later.

‘EZ’ has a smooth electro-house groove that is so very easy to get into with its hypnotic flow, and it has an uplifting bassy groove that float effortlessly atop a bed of crisp percussion, dreamy vocals and some very slick production.

As Jamie Lane explains, there is a slightly moodier side to the story behind the song;

“The lyrics are about the anxiety of being unable to establish a true connection with someone you have feelings for due to a sense of detachment in the moment.The heavier lyrical content is intentionally juxtaposed with an upbeat and ‘in the moment’ dance style, with heavy emphasis on the aesthetics of timbre and percussion to convey a sense of atmosphere.” – Jamie Lane

Natt F. – ART (RIP)

Is art almost dead? 23 year old Vegas based Alternative-Pop artist Natt F explores the twisted notion with her latest head-bopping single: “ART (RIP)”. Crafted under her staircase, this flurry of Electro-pop, tropical house & alternative elements hits. Hard. The track proves to be an experiment in auditory alchemy a prime example of the subtle yet disruptive force that is Natt F. With nothing more than a pen, a mic, a retired guitar & an outdated version of Garageband, she’s cranking out big sounds in hopes of igniting a social revolution in a time when Instagram followers can seem to deem one’s value.

Natt has proven herself to be one of few soldiers raging on in the modern war against falsified glamour, digital distractions, & social pressure. With vocal stylings compared to the likes of Santigold, Billie Eilish & Phantogram‘s Sarah Barthel, she manages to walk a lyrical path riddled with blunt truths much like her older inspirations: Thom Yorke & Phil Collins. Minus the always present rhythmic easter eggs nodding to her Caribbean roots, every song is a different blend of unique mechanics, musical styles, & jarring lyrics that create a larger poetic picture. “Filters define my face, A selfie away from a social grave.” Just one of the many macabré ideas explored in Natt’s “Digital Spell” released September of 2019. But what does all of this mean? Well, Its quite clear that she is already proving herself to be something of an acquired taste. Nonetheless, there is no denying that her weighted words & intoxicating sounds have started to ring in the ears of those who listen closely. As supporters eagerly await the release of her 4th single “We’re All Mad Here” early 2020, they have no clue what to expect. They rest in the certainty of knowing that whatever this one-woman-show is creating will burrow into the ears & bring us all one step closer to fulfilling her ever important mantra: Listen. Disconnect.

Edith – No Matter What You Do

Edith is a pop singer songwriter based in London. Born in Romania, before relocating in England, she begun writing songs at school as an outlet for emotions she was unable to vocalise. Creating music was the only path from a young age, with Edith joining any musical assembly available at her school, while also learning guitar and piano. She wrote her first song at just 11 and hadn’t looked back since.

Inspired by contemporary artists such as LANY and Dua Lipa, Edith is an artist with the world of pop crown firmly in her sights – She launched her story to the world with “Don’t Wanna Think” in April, a track that induced the young songwriter as a force to be reckoned with. Edith has worked with many different producers along the way, but Paddy Hunt was the one she found to be most suited for her music. Her recent single “No Matter What You Do” has been has biggest success to date, ranking over 20,000 streams on Spotify. 

In 2019 she gigged mostly around London, to try and build a strong fanbase. Notting Hill arts club, Number 6 Camden and Werkhaus are just a few of the names, as she keeps looking forward to 2020 where she is going to try gig even more places around London. 
Edith has released a self title EP back in May. However she is now working on a bigger project, which is her first album. Edith has written all the songs released on her own, and she is choosing to take the same approach with the future release. 

Carmen Green – Tell Me

21-year-old Londoner Carmen Green released her stunning debut single ‘Part Time, which went on to receive numerous radio plays on BBC Introducing, BBC 6 Music and Soho Radio, and was named Track Of The Week on BBC Introducing Devon and Cornwall. She has since seen her profile go from strength to strength. With a wealth of smooth and seductive jazz-inspired RnB cuts under her belt, she now returns with her latest luxurious offing ‘Tell Me’.

Writing her music within the guise of the urban jazz genre has allowed her to open her sound up, regularly blending her direction with hip-hop and RnB production, which also applies to ‘Tell Me’. Combining a free and laid-back guitar hook, smooth drums, and her own naturally sweeping vocals creates a bold and refreshing addition to her growing catalogue, one that also reflects her own sassy personality.

Carmen Green has also collaborated with former Amy Winehouse guitarist Robin Banerjee on her previously shared single ‘Foolish Views’, which arrived in January of this year and also received airplay on both BBC Introducing and Soho Radio.

Double Agent – Feels Like (Remixes)

Double Agent is Australian music producer returning with three solid reworks of the original new single Feels Like including a VIP version from the DJ himself. Partnering with upcoming producers Wildfire and Secret Spade.

Having seen support on the original number from the likes of Don Diablo, Felix Jaehn, Hardwell, FTampa, Kryder, Sophie Francis, Rainer & Grimm and Kryder,  Feels Like remixes  offer a fresh take on the much loved heater.

Known for his hold over dancefloors across Australia, Double Agent can often be found commanding clubs and warehouses with his deep, dark and club-orentitated tunes. Often drawing on the diverse styles of house music, the remix pack brings together the multi-spanning sounds to help demonstrate how he continually pushed boundaries within both the scene and his releases. Wildfire’s interpretation uses a jackin’ house beat complete with pumping basslines perfect for the club, whilst Secret Spade slows down the tempo of Feels Like with a pollination of funky bass synths. Drawing the remixes to a close, Double Agent rounds off by adapting the original tune by warping the vocals to transform the pop-tinged track into a bass house banger.

Ant Antic – Slow Down

Ant Antic is the project around singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Tobias Koett. The unique mix of ambient, electronic dance music and contemporary R&B, carried by an unmistakably haunting voice, encompasses the whole spectrum of emotions: music that stirs up and at the same time gently envelops. Dreamy melancholy and carefree weightlessness on the one hand, crisp basslines and accurate hip hop beats on the other side. The signature sound of Ant Antic is reduced and uncompromising in its implementation, a few but essential elements and ideas come into focus. The reduction of instrumentation creates a lot of air for the vocals in the foreground, while creative unconventional sound design in the background creates the foundations for an effortless balancing act between pop and club music.

Following the release of the EP Blood Sugar in May 2015, the live as a trio in clubs and on festival stages. The debut was followed by a tour with over 48

Shows in Central & Southern Europe. A new EP and second album released in 2019.

Agnese Stengrevics – Young

Agnese Stengrevics is a new Latvian singersongwriter from London, releasing her newest piece of work called “Young”.

The story is about a young woman’s feelings and emotions. While we are young, we don’t focus on serious things. We want fun! We want to enjoy the moments in a relationship and not make anything too complicated. She wants to tease her admirer a little, so they would fight for her, but it doesn’t mean she will take them afterwards. It’s her choice. “Catch me if you can! Don’t let the pretty smile confuse! The chase is half the fun!” The first verse describes this song the best!

The team for this song are producer and composer Helvijs Stengrevics and two times Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Kristal Oliver as co-writer with Agnese.

New and upcoming artist Agnesse Stengrevics started her musical journey 4 years ago by releasing her first single “Best Thing I Never Had”. 

She has successfully competed in various regional new singer competitions including X Factor Latvia, Baltic Talent 2016, Pop Fest Jurmala 2017, Europop contest in Germany and many more. 

In 2018, Agnesse participated in Supernova Latvia with her original song “You Are My World” which hit 160,000 streams on Spotify, 40,000 views on YouTube and was played on one of the biggest radio stations in Latvia! 

Agnese Stengrevics has worked with producer Helvijs Stengrevics and two times Grammy Nominated Singer-songwriter Kristal Oliver, who has worked with successful artists such as Kanye West, Justin Timberlake and more. Recently she started studying in the UK with a goal to break through into the music industry and become a successful artist!